150 Wolf Tattoo Ideas You Should Rifle Through

Usually, wolf tattoos come with the face of wolf. There are a few wolf tattoos that include the body of wolf as well. Different cultures and people assign different meanings to wolf tattoos. For example, for Native Americans wolf tattoos are used as a symbol for their spiritual guides and ancestors. Similarly, various kings and tribal chiefs used to get wolf tattoos to show their power, strength, and courage. In the same way, people belonging to different groups such as fighters and boxers, have specific reasons attached to the wolf tattoos.

Different cultures used wolf tattoos to present certain meanings. Due to this, we have a wide range of meanings associated to wolf tattoos today. This led to a great increase in number of people getting wolves inked on their bodies. In the 21st century, however, you can choose any wolf tattoo if you like the meaning or associate yourself to it. Whether you are a part of that culture or not does not really matter in this modern globalized world.

wolf tattoos

Meanings of wolf tattoos

As mentioned, wolf tattoos come with a variety of meanings. At times, there are different stories, incidents, and experiences attached to the tattoos. Some people are very open towards explaining the reason they got a wolf tattoo and the meaning they attach to it. Other people do not like to showcase it. At times, the meanings and reasons are too personal to put them into words.

The important thing to remember is that when someone gets a tattoo – be it wolf tattoo or any other – there is definitely a meaning behind it. The person might feel like he has similar traits as that of a wolf. Therefore, a wolf tattoo is much more than an animal tattoo.

Positive meanings

In positive terms, wolf tattoos are a symbol of:

  • Power
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Valor
  • Bravery
  • Survivor
  • Sufferer

Negative meanings

Many people take wolf tattoos as somewhat negative kind of tattoos. Some negative meanings attached to wolf tattoos are:

  • Evil nature
  • Weirdo
  • Rebel
  • Thug
  • Anguish
  • Anger
  • Fierce

The meanings of wolf tattoos also depend on the design you get. If your wolf in the tattoo is calm yet brave, it gives off a positive vibe. However, if it is howling and has an angry look, people automatically take it as negative. Depending upon your personality and society, you can choose a wolf tattoo and give it a meaning accordingly.

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Types of wolf tattoos

Based on the design, there are different types of wolf tattoos. Some wolf tattoos are smaller in size and shape while other are bigger and fiercer. Also, a wolf tattoo can have an abstract design or fully inked. Wolf tattoos come in geometric patterns and shapes as well. In this new era, we come across several colorful and 3D wolf tattoo designs as well. This makes different types of wolf tattoos.

Some most amazing and interesting types of wolf tattoos include:

wolf tattoos

Tribal wolf tattoos

Tribal tattoos are of great significance for the people who adhere to their tribal identity. If ethnicity and cultural values are something of great importance for you, get a tribal wolf tattoo. Nothing is better than sharing a common thing with your ancestors.

Tribal wolf tattoos are very detailed and fine. Even though it looks like some strokes and lines, precision and dedication behind making them is admirable. Tribal wolf tattoos are relatively complex than other types of wolf tattoos. They come in unique designs and each design needs accuracy and special details.

Sometimes, tribal tattoos are only outlined with black ink. If you want a shaded tribal tattoo, that adds to the effort upon a tribal wolf tattoo.

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?Geometric wolf tattoos

Geometric wolf tattoos are amalgamation of different shapes, lines, and patterns to form a wolf?s face. These types of wolf tattoos look utterly appealing. Each geometric wolf tattoo looks wonderful in its own idea.

The shapes and lines used in a geometric wolf tattoo come with significant thought behind them. A tattoo artist puts in great effort to bring together different shapes and lines to form the pattern of wolf. Usually, we have seen a number of geometric wolf tattoos that have one geometrical design in one half of the face and another in the other half of its face. Combining together two different geometrical designs is a great art. There are no words to appreciate this piece of art.

Women are very attracted towards a geometric wolf tattoo. If you want to get a wolf tattoo but give it a feminine touch, geometric wolf tattoo can be a great option.

Traditional wolf tattoos

Traditional wolf tattoos are somewhat similar to tribal tattoos. The minor difference is that traditional wolf tattoos are relatively less complex than tribal wolf tattoos. So if you want to go for a tribal wolf tattoo but want to add the touch of 19th century to it, traditional wolf tattoos are a good option. It makes your wolf tattoo old school and masculine.

Traditional wolf tattoos often use red ink along with black. In different traditions and cultures, black and red have always been a significant combination for a traditional and cultural design. Even today, the mixture of red and black design is considered to be a traditional one.

If you are a great admirer of traditional designs and patterns, you can incorporate them in your wolf tattoo. This makes your tattoo unique and attractive.

Cartoon wolf tattoos

If you are an easy going person, cartoon wolf tattoos are for you. Cartoon wolf tattoos make sure that the design does not look very realistic or fierce. The cartoon shape and design adds a positive and funny touch to your wolf tattoo.

There?s more to it. You can even get a smiling or a laughing wolf cartoon tattoo. How funny is that? If your personality is funny and you are always looking to make things easier, cartoon wolf tattoos are your type. These look really cute and can be colorful as well.

Women are more likely to get these tattoos. If your favorite cartoon had a wolf character, don?t miss out on this childhood memory and go get a cartoon wolf tattoo!

Colorful wolf tattoos

Colorful wolf tattoos are very artistic and look really ethereal. These tattoos are for the people who love colors and art. A colorful wolf tattoo can either be a fierce one or a calm and easy one. Choosing the design totally depends on you. The thing is that adding colors to your wolf tattoo is going to make it 100x beautiful.

When you love colors, why not add them to your body? This will greatly represent your artistic nature and personality. In this modern world, simple and bold look boring. To show that you belong to the new generation who love a colorful life, colorful tattoos are the best way.

Getting a colorful wolf tattoo will add a lot of colors to your life if you have a dull life. An animal tattoo filled with colors is a stunning idea. You can add a lot of creativity into your tattoo with colors.

3D wolf tattoos

Here is the most bewildering type of wolf tattoos. With a 3D wolf tattoo, you will actually feel as if the wolf is standing or sitting on your body. This 3D effect adds a very realistic look to the tattoo. The outline and shading is done in a three dimensional pattern to make it real.

Nowadays, 3D tattoos are very popular. In order to add a modern touch to your tattoo, 3D designing is the most creative way. So 3D wolf tattoo is the ultimate answer if you want to keep it very real and deliver some serious meaning.

3D wolf tattoos highly complement the meanings you attached to your wolf tattoo. People will get to know your purpose and meaning behind your wolf tattoo in an instant due to this 3D design.

Combination wolf tattoos

If you do not want a single wolf in a tattoo, you can go for a combination wolf tattoo. There are several things and elements you can include in your wolf tattoo. All of these combinations can be inked in any of the type mentioned above. You can get a combination wolf tattoo in tribal design, geometric shape, cartoon design, 3D design, colorful design or anything you like.

Following is the list of some most popular and wonderful combination wolf tattoos:

Couple of wolves

When you do not want to get one wolf, get two! A couple always represents more power and stronger bonding. A ruling wolf always has his partner beside him. When you are more, you are stronger and unified. A wolf couple or a wolf family is very protective and caring of each other.

If that is the purpose of your tattoo, get a wolf couple inked on your body.

Moon and wolf

A wolf has always been very attracted to moon. Usually, wolves and moon is considered to be best friends. When wolves howl, they look towards moon. This seems like whenever wolf wants to express something, he knows the moon must be listening.

If you are a kind of person who wants to empty your thoughts, a moon and wolf tattoo is a great idea. Also, if you want to let go of your thoughts and fears, get a moon and wolf combination tattoo.

Heart and wolf

What is cuter than getting a heart and wolf inked together? Absolutely nothing! When you have gone through a lot of tough situations in your life, it makes you very kind and understanding towards others. The inside of you is stronger and a survivor whereas on the outside, you are more loving, welcoming and forgiving. While wolf will represent your inside, the heart will be a symbol of your outer part.

Together, it makes you a beautiful person. If you have experienced this vibe, a heart and wolf combination tattoo is the ultimate answer.

Flowers and wolf

Flowers and wolf combination looks wonderful. How about a female wolf wearing a flowers crown? This adds feminine touch to your wolf tattoo. It symbolizes your strengthened yet loveable nature.

You can also add colors to this tattoo. Get flowers inked in different colors and leave the wolf black. The tattoo looks very attractive this way.

wolf tattoo

Woods and wolf

Woods and wolf have strong relationship. Well, everyone is very attached to the place where he has been living for ages. It also presents that you are not an extrovert. For all the introverts who love tattoos and want to get a combination wolf tattoo, wood and wolf tattoo is an ideal tattoo.

Quote and wolf

If the wolf alone seems empty and you want to add some words along with, get a quote. A quote can present what you actually want to deliver with your tattoo. Be it a power quote or an evil one, it looks flawless.

A word and wolf

Here is another great combination wolf tattoo idea. When you do not want to get a full quote, choose a word. A single word such as ?bold?, ?strength?, ?power?, ?fierce? etc. looks absolutely captivating. This one word might catch more attention than the rest of your tattoo.

Face and wolf

A human face can be added in a wolf tattoo to present different meanings. As a person, if you feel like you have traits of wolf, it can be a great idea to get a face and wolf combination tattoo. It symbolizes how much you associate yourself with a wolf.

Fire and wolf

When you want to make your wolf tattoo more fierce and dangerous, add fire to it. A number of tribal wolf tattoos can be inked in a way that the strokes look like fire. When done, the tattoo looks charismatic.

Where to get a wolf tattoo?

Choosing place to get a wolf tattoo depends on the size of your chosen design. Usually, people get wolf tattoo on upper arm or shoulder. However, this totally depends on you where you want to get a wolf tattoo. Some of the popular places to get a wolf tattoo are:


Forearm has enough space to make a full-fledged wolf tattoo. If you are going for a big wolf tattoo, consider getting it on forearm. This makes the tattoo very attractive.


The chest has enough room for a big wolf tattoo. If you want to get a small tattoo, get it on right side of the chest. A lot of people love getting a wolf tattoo that covers their entire chest.

Upper arm

Upper arm is a great place to get a wolf tattoo. Also, it is less painful to get a wolf tattoo on the upper arm. As upper arm also has more mass and lesser bones, it makes a perfect place for a wolf tattoo.


Shoulder is the most popular place for a wolf tattoo. Get a 3D wolf on your shoulder to make it look very real.

Upper back

If your wolf tattoo design is going to cover large area, upper back is the answer. A wolf tattoo starting from nape and going down towards the waist will take people?s breath away.


The leg is another ideal place to get a wolf tattoo. You can either get it on your thigh or your calf. If you want a bigger tattoo, choose a wolf tattoo design that covers your entire leg.

Does a wolf tattoo hurt?

Wolf tattoo is like any other tattoo. The tattoo artist is definitely going to use needle. So yes, it is going to pain. Also, wolf tattoos come with a number of lines, strokes, and different patterns. Due to more number of details and required precision, a wolf tattoo takes time. The longer the tattoo, more it pains.

However, if you are really passionate about getting a tattoo, nothing can stop you. Make sure you have a high pain potential to bear the pain. Take some snacks or chocolates with you to divert attention. Taking a friend along is a good idea as well. These little measures can help a lot!

How much does a wolf tattoo cost?

The cost of wolf tattoo depends on its size, complexity of design, time duration, and number of inks used. The charges of tattoo artists also vary from place to place.

Therefore, a wolf tattoo can cost as low as $50 or as high as several hundred dollars. Cheap and common tattoos do not look attractive, however. If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you must know that. Gather some bucks before getting a tattoo so you can get a really unique and beautiful one.

Choose one of these wolf tattoo designs and go rule the world.

Happy tattooing!


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