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70 Undercut Hairstyles for Women to Channel Your Inner Rebel

While shorter hairstyles like pixies and bobs became a major trend, shaved hair gained more popularity among women. An undercut hairstyle for women makes an edgy statement, but it needs bold confidence and attitude to pull off the look. Depending on your personality, you can start with a subtle undercut before going for a bolder cut.  If you’re thinking of rocking an edgy look, keep on reading for the 70 undercut hairstyles for women to channel your inner rebel.

What is an Undercut Hairstyle for Women?

One of the edgiest haircut women can go for undercut is known for an extremely short hair that is achieved with shaving or cutting while having a longer hair portion that fall on the shaved hair. Depending on your preference, you can have an undercut on the sides of your head, above the nape of your neck, and such. If you have shorter hair, undercut will add some edge to women’s statement. If you like, you can even shave the top of your head, or even part your hair and shave it on one side.

If you have a longer hair, undercut will be more versatile since you can rock it with your hair down or your hair pulled up in a ponytail. Yes, undercut hairstyle for women can be styled on short, medium, and long hair. Do you know that the undercut hairstyle for women started became popular during the Edwardian era, but among men. But nowadays, you can see that the men’s undercut hairstyle is now popular for women.

Undercut for Women: Its Brief History and Popularity

The undercut hairstyle for women is one of the drastic changes in the hair trends as it involves a stark contrast in length and what’s deemed traditional. Do you know that the undercut for women started in Victorian England, when men simply think of headwear? In fact, soldiers back in the time wear helmets, and their undercut hairstyles make things easier. However, the undercut hairstyle for women was also associated with unskilled hairstyling.

Also, the undercut hairstyle especially for women was a trademark of rebellious street gangs. Nowadays, the undercut hairstyle for women is now being used to consolidate power. In fact, some women sported undercut to embrace androgyny—think of Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus who sported the look. According to them, wearing undercut hairstyle even for women will make them stand out, and look wild than the usual connotation for modest women.

Reasons Undercut Hairstyle Is Perfect for Women

One of the reasons why women go for a drastic hairstyle change is to look cool and different. Just think how edgy you’ll look if you’ll opt for an undercut hairstyle—a look most women don’t go for. More than that, it will show your fearless personality that you’re willing to take risk and not afraid to move outside your comfort zone. Remember, your hairstyle is one of the best ways to channel your personality and individuality, so make the most of it.

If you’ve got that uncomfortably thick hair, then opt for undercut hairstyle suited for women. In fact, an undercut is a thick hair solution, especially if your strands feel too puffy and harder to maintain. You must know that undercut hairstyle for women normally trim the excess volume or bulk on certain part of your hair, making your look more balanced and light. Depending on how you style your hair, an undercut hairstyle can also cut the time you spend fixing your hair in the morning.

Yes, you’ll have lesser hair to deal with, so you can also spend lesser time blow drying or curling your hair. This is especially true if you have a frizzy hair, and it would be a big deal to keep them straight and neat all the time. A great thing, you can simply rock a ponytail or a braided hairstyle with your undercut, so women will find your look more appealing and creative. If you want to hide your undercut at work, you can simply wear your hair down.

An undercut hairstyle for women might be harder to pull off, but it is still versatile and cool. A great thing, undercut hairstyle gives women some options to change their look instantly and try new hair trends easily. When sporting an undercut hairstyle, you may also take time to learn braiding, curling, and such to make your look more creative and unique. Also, it makes you more strategic especially when hiding your side shaved hair. Yes, your undercut hairstyle doesn’t have to be obvious at all times.

Depending on how long or short your undercut hairstyle is, you’ll need to give lesser effort when fixing your hair. Most of the time, women simply brush their hair the usual way and part them on the side to show off their undercut. While most women prefer to wear edgy clothes like leather jackets, slouchy tops, and basic tee with their undercut hairstyle, you’re free to go for sexier tops like off shoulder blouses, form fitting tops, and even chic dresses to give you a more feminine look.

One of the best things about undercut hairstyles for women is they look great with any hair type—straight, fine, curly, kinky, wavy and such. Yes, undercut hairstyle is a trendy way for women to switch up their look. If you want to make your look more creative, think of intricate designs to your shaved hair or even colored hair extensions. We all know that undercut hairstyle for women is head-turning, and you can make it more attractive with your styling skills.

Women with stronger personalities prefer to show off their undercut hairstyles more often, while others prefer them to be more versatile and simple. The rule is, no one should dictate you on how you will wear your hair, so feel free to select the right hair color and undercut placement to get the look you really want. More than that, you should know that growing your undercut will be challenging, so be prepared to get creative. This way, you’ll make your hair transition easier and more stylish than ever.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Undercut for women might sound too extreme since a lady should look feminine and modest, not looking masculine with a shaved part of the head. A great thing, undercut hair trends for women will now allow you to play with your looks. Just like any hairstyle, undercut for women works better for some than others. For instance, women with thicker hair will look better with undercut than women with thinner hair. You can make your undercut versatile if you have longer hair than shorter hair.

Do you know that some women go for undercut because they wanted to take some weight off of their thick hair? A great thing, if you have a thicker hair, you can easily disguise your undercut if you wear your hair down like most women do. Your hairstyle can easily reflect your personality whether you like to look like badass or simply want to add some edge to your look. In fact, some women experiment with their undercut hairstyle with interesting patterns and such.

Unfortunately, undercut hairstyle for women is not easy to maintain. Just like any hairstyles for women, undercut needs maintenance too. In fact, you must think of re-shaving your hair every five weeks to keep the look. Yes, undercut hairstyle for women is harder to maintain compared to normal haircuts. If you’re tired of the undercut look, it will take you longer to grow your hair. Some women even say that they miss having long locks from time to time, and even think of wearing wigs to make them look more feminine.

How to Do Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Collect hairstyle inspirations on undercut for women.

Before having an appointment to your hairdresser, make sure you’ve got some photos to show her to make sure both of you are on the same page. Apart from undercut hairstyles for women that you like, also show the photos that you don’t like, so your hairdresser will have a clear idea of what you really want. A great thing, hairdressers and hairstylists often suggest undercut hairstyles for women that will likely work with your hair texture, hair length, and even everyday routine whether you’re high-maintenance or not.

Think of your face shape before committing to undercut.

Just like any hairstyle, undercut for women will flatter certain face shapes so avoid just collecting inspirations from celebrities that differ from your own face shape. If you love Scarlet Johansson, you might be inspired to copy the exact undercut hairstyle that she got, but that might not always work for you because you have a different facial structure. If you have an angular jaw, you might want to highlight or downplay it with your undercut hairstyle.

Be precise with your undercut details.

Undercut hairstyle for women isn’t all about just shaving your hair wherever you like. First of all, you need to consider your hair type, hair length, and hair texture. Do you know that undercut hairstyle for women can make your thick hair look thinner? This is especially true if you have a coarse or even big curly hair that tends to look puffy when styled incorrectly. However, women with thinner hair should think twice before getting undercut, as the look will likely not flatter you.

Also, let your hairdresser know how deep, intricate, or simple your undercut should be. This is also true of you have a longer hair as getting undercut will give a big contrast compared to women with shorter hair. If it is just your first time, don’t plunge on a big chop, but go for a subtler undercut. Remember, if you opt for shorter undercut, you’ll need to wait longer for your hair to grow. More than that, you must let your hairdresser know how small, large, and deep the undercut should be.

Some women go for undercut with intricate pattern that will make your look a bit quirky and playful. Most of the time, undercut for women involves shaving above the nape area so it will be easier to conceal when having longer hairstyle. If you go for this undercut hairstyle, your shaved part will only be seen if you wear your hair up. On the contrary, shaved sides will give you a more dramatic undercut, and it will be harder to hide.

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Start on subtle undercut for women than plunging on big chop.

Going for an undercut hairstyle on women is a drastic change, what more an obvious undercut hairstyle. A great thing, you can take some baby steps if you want to get the undercut look. According to hairstylists, you can start with subtle undercut hairstyle for women then go big from there. If you have longer hair, you need to cut the major length off to show off your undercut. On contrary to traditional haircutting techniques, undercut is better when your hair is dry.

Be prepared on maintaining your undercut.

Do you know that undercut for women will require regular maintenance? According to experts, to make your undercut streamlined and sharp, you have to visit salon every three weeks. This way, you’ll make sure you have a cool undercut hairstyle every time. If you don’t want to go to the salon for upkeep, better learn on how to shave your own hair. It might be challenging to maintain your undercut as a woman, but everything will get better with practice.

Know that growing undercut is harder for women.

Getting undercut might sound challenging for women, but it is harder to grow the shaved hair. A great thing, you can experiment with wigs, hair extensions, and even hair accessories to make your hair transition easier. Yes, it will be harder to restore your natural hair length and hairstyle when you opt for drastic chop like undercut, but you can always make things more creative. A great thing, it will also help you to be more creative in your undercut hairstyle, proving that any woman can rock the edgy look.

Tips for Women on How to Grow Undercut Hairstyles

If you’re finally wanted to end your undercut journey, then, you have to wait for your hair to grow back. A great thing, you still have options whether you like to cut your hair shorter or make it longer. More feminine than undercut hairstyles, pixies flatter most face shapes and personalities. Do you know that pixie is one of the best hairstyles women can go for after rocking an undercut hairstyle? The key is to go for longer layers that will camouflage the shaved part of your head.

Also, going for a pixie hairstyle will help women to grow their undercut till all strands have the same length. A great thing, pixies are great to give you a cool stylish look while on hair transition. More than that, pixies are more versatile than undercut hairstyles for women. In fact, it suits everyone whether you want a shorter or longer hair style. The key is to go for a taper fade so you can easily conceal your undercut while waiting for it to grow longer.

If you don’t want to touch your hair while growing your undercut, you may experiment with different partings instead like most women do. In fact, Demi Lovato even used this trick to hide her side-shaved undercut. Start with trading your typical parting on the opposite side or center of your head that will conceal the undercut. This trick is easier than shaving your hair or trimming your hair again. Remember, your goal is to make your hair longer, and trimming won’t do any help.

If you don’t want to deal with stray or sticking out hair, better resort to hair products that hold your hair like hair gel or hairspray rather than trimming them. If you want to make your hair transition easier, think of coloring your hair or using hair extensions. Most women who opted for undercut usually dye their hair that will also make the shaved hair less obvious. If you want to make things more stylish, go for hair extensions that can even give you an asymmetric hairstyle.

A great thing, you can be creative with your hair extensions—think of rocking a pony tail, a pigtail, plaits, French braids, cornrows and such. It’s true that the growing out phase is challenging for women who opted for undercut, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just let your style go boring. If you’re creative enough, you may even think of hair accessories to make your undercut look more amazing and more feminine. Undercut hairstyles for women might be edgy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be feminine.

More than that, hair accessories are a great way to draw the attention away from your undercut hairstyle. If you can, think of rocking some braids with your undercut, so women will envy your hairstyle. If you’re not a big fan of all things feminine and girly, don’t fret as you can go for gothic and even punk hair accessories. A great thing, you may also think of pearls, hearts, flowers and such that will make your undercut look more sophisticated and sleek.

Indeed, an undercut hairstyle for women is perfect to channel your inner rebel stylishly. A great thing, you can go for an intricate pattern and creative hairstyles while rocking your undercut. Whether you’re looking for an unexpected look or simply want to revamp your style, undercut hairstyles for women will make everything cool and one-of-a-kind.

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