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115 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Tight Short Dress

Dresses are women’s fashion solution when it comes to figuring out what to wear. A tight short dress might take the guesswork of getting dressed, but knowing which style is the best for you is quite trickier. Whether you wish to embrace femininity in your style, or simply want to know how to maximize your wardrobe, keep on reading for the 115 stylish ways to wear your tight short dress.

Tight Short Dress: The Difference of Bodycon and Bandage Dresses

Bodycon and bandage dresses are the two kinds of tight short dress, but the difference lies on the fabric and fit of the dress. While bandage dresses support your curves and control bulges, bodycon dresses simply hug your curves and trace your silhouette. This is because the bandage dress is made up of a heavy bandage fabric—a blend of spandex, nylon, and rayon—that functions as a shapewear, which smoothen out your curves. Also, its weaves are similar to bandages, and it fits like a second skin.

On the other hand, a bodycon dress is a tight short dress that doesn’t shape your curves. The bodycon dress is typically made of lighter fabrics with a relaxed fit like a tailored suit and jeans. Unfortunately, these tight short dresses don’t have the fabric strength to shape your curves compared to bandage dresses. If you don’t have those bulges and got that perfect curves, bodycon dresses are great for flaunting your curves.

When selecting a bodycon dress, go for something that fits close to your body since its fabric has a little stretch. A great thing, a bandage dress is made of stretchy material that can keep you comfortable for long periods of time. Do you know that there are different types of bandage dresses classified according to its weave? There is traditional bandage dress with bandage-like ridges, foil bandage dress with luster, jacquard bandage dress with woven pattern, and ombre bandage dress with gradients.

Do you know that tight short dresses became popular in the 1986 when fashion designer Azzedine Alaia showcased his collection? It was in the 1990 when bandage dresses became popular, thanks to fashion label Herve Leger. A great thing, tight short dresses became a practical option for women, since they don’t need those corsets, petticoats and bustles under their skirts just to highlight their curves.

The Psychology Behind Why Women Love Tight Short Dresses

Studies have found that dresses and skirts, especially a tight short dress makes women feel more feminine. A tight short dress highlights your curves and makes you feel like a woman. According to psychologists, the clothes you wear can affect and reflect your self-image. That is why most women feel more confident and feminine in a tight short dress compared to jeans, jogger pants, and yoga pants.

If you want to project a certain image to the world, pay attention to what you are wearing. Studies have found that your fashion choices can actually affect your mood, confidence, and even health. Do you still remember the research about the doctor’s coat where participants wearing them performed better than ones who don’t wear them? A psychologist even claimed that we tend to adopt some characteristics of the clothes we wear unconsciously whether it is sophisticated, casual, or over-the-top.

In fact, one woman said that she feels tomboyish in a casual clothes, especially if it is shapeless, relaxed, and slouchy, but feels put together in a dress. What would you feel if you choose a tight short dress to wear on your girls’ night out? That’s the reason why some women talk, walk, and hold themselves differently when wearing a dress or a more formal outfit. And if you need to boost your confidence on a certain occasion, your best choice is to wear a tight short dress.

If you wish to choose tee and jeans over your tight short dress, think again. A tight short dress can give you that power and confidence to carry out your daily activities, so don’t get lazy on dressing up. Since your clothes can make or break your look, always strive to empower your look with the right pieces, especially a tight short dress. A great thing, your clothes also affects your confidence and even success, along with how others view you and treat you.

A research even rounded up the list of fashion and skincare items that makes a woman feel beautiful, and the result includes a tight short dress, high heels, and even designer perfume. Once you know what makes you feel confident, you’ll be able to take advantage of your fashion pieces to do the tricks for you. Apart from a tight short dress, have you noticed that some women tend to wear all black?

According to color psychology, women who love black as a color evoke the need to get her power back. No wonder, some loner and highly emotional people loves black as they are able to distant themselves from others, and be respected the way they want. Apart from choosing your well fitting tight short dress, consider the color that will reveal a lot about you.

In fact, research has found that women who love black wanted to hide their true feelings along with what they can achieve in their lives. Do you love monochromatic color scheme and all black in your outfits, whether it’s a tee and jeans or a tight short dress? According to psychology, your color choice gives you security and sense of assurance. If you love a black tight short dress, then you likely take yourself seriously.

Reasons Why a Tight Short Dress Should Be in Your Wardrobe

  1. A tight short dress fits like shapewear.

Most women wear shapewear to bring the best in their bodies, and a tight short dress, especially a bandage dress can do the tricks for you. If you have a perfect figure, you can go for a bodycon dress, but if you need some control on your curves, a bandage dress is for you. The key is to opt for a properly constructed tight short dress that you’re comfortable wearing. This way, you’ll be able to get a sexy look while keeping everything effortless and cool.

  1. A tight short dress can make you feel more dressed up.

If you’re a dress kind of woman, you’ll know that it is easier to pick a dress that flatters you than to opt for a different top and bottom and wonder if they look great together. In fact, a tight short dress can make your looks stunning in less than five minutes, so you don’t need to wear some accessories just to glam up your look. More than that, nothing will make you more feminine than a tight short dress. So, go for a tight short dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

  1. A tight short dress can make you feel more beautiful, feminine, and sexy.

Do you know that some women wear tight short dresses just to show off some skin? A short hemline can let you show off your assets in a more fun and flirty way without going too provocative. That’s also the reason why some women save their tight short dress for dinner dates and special occasions. But why save them when you can wear them most of the time to make you feel good?

If you want a subtler look, go for a nude-colored tight short dress, but don’t go for the exact shade of your skin. If you want to look leaner, then, opt for a black tight short dress that can also makes you feel confident. A tight short dress can make you feel beautiful, and when you feel pretty, you’ll be able to radiate how confident and bold you are.

  1. A tight short dress is timeless and versatile.

Whether you’re a woman who loves to travel or someone who wants to extend your wardrobe investment, a tight short dress is perfect for you. A great thing, a tight short dress can make your packing for vacation easier. You can pair it with anything—blazer, jacket, tee, skirts, vests, coats, and such. That also means that you could pack less since a tight short dress can be dressed up or down. More than that, a tight short dress can take you everywhere—dinner dates, parties, weekend getaway, girls’ night out and such.

  1. A tight short dress is stylish yet comfortable.

Most of the time, a tight short dress is made up of fabrics with good stretch, so you’ll stay comfortable all day long. This is especially true if you’re a kind of woman who puts comfort before style. A great thing, a tight short dress can keep you comfortable at the same time stylish. That’s the reason why women with a casual fashion personality managed to wear tight short dresses, but they always wear them with sneakers instead of high heels.

  1. You can easily make a style statement in a tight short dress.

If you go for a plain tight short dress, you’ll also have a blank canvas to work on and show of your creative skills in accessorizing. Think of statement jewelry that add drama like chandelier earrings, bib necklaces, chunky bangles and such, along with metallic shoes or a bold colored leather handbag. Accessories can change your entire look, and you’ll be able to create the style you’re aiming for with a tight short dress.

How to Find the Perfect Tight Short Dress

  1. Consider your body shape when shopping for tight short dress.

If you usually think of size and design of a dress when going shopping, you’re doing it wrong. Finding a tight short dress that looks great on you will depend on how it embraces your body shape, bringing out the best in you. Remember, there is no such thing like a perfect body, but you can go for styles to make your tight short dress perfect for you. The key is to know your body shape and learn how to dress it well to get a more proportioned, flattering look.

If you’re a woman with full hips and thighs, stylists recommended going for a tight short dress that is not shorter than two inches above your knees. If you’ll opt for a printed tight short dress, stylists recommended going for horizontal stripes on your top and a plain dark color on your bottom. On the other hand, women with full waist or have that apple shape body should go for a tight short dress with an empire waistline to create the illusion of slimmer midsection.

Apple shaped woman can also go for tight short dress with a more structure or detailing on top to create the illusion of wider shoulders. However, if you’ve got fuller arms, better opt for bell sleeves or long sleeves instead of sleeveless tight short dress. Women with a small bust should avoid tight short dress with low necklines. Instead, go for tight short dresses with details on top to add some weight visually, or go for turtleneck and bandeau necklines.

If you’re slim and have an athletic body, go for tight short dresses like sweater dresses or knit dresses. You can actually balance your proportions with a jacket or blazer. If you like to add curves to your rectangle shaped body, better opt for tight short dresses with peplums, ruffles, and rounded patterns. A great thing, you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting the perfect tight short dress for you.

All you need is to know your body shape and select the right tight short dress that will give you a more proportioned look. This way, you’ll appreciate your own body even more instead of worrying about your flaws. This could be a trial and error at first, but once you know which styles work for you, it will be easier for you to shop for clothes. If you select a tight short dress that flatters your curves, you’ll feel confident and beautiful.

  1. Choose a tight short dress color that flatters your complexion.

Apart from choosing the right tight short dress, you must opt for a color that brings out the best in your complexion. Do you know that the right color of your outfit can make you look healthier and glowing even without makeup? Though your favorite color might be the first thing you’ll consider when shopping for a tight short dress, you have to think of your complexion too whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. If you’ll go for a flattering color on your dress, you’ll look your best.

On the contrary, wearing the unflattering color will only make you look sick, ashy, and washed out. Unfortunately, many believe that neutral shades are universally flattering, making it the only option for tight short dresses. If you have a warm complexion, think of warm colors like gold and orange when selecting your tight short dress since these shades will flatter your skin. A great thing, you can still opt for cool colors in a warmer shade like olive or deep turquoise.

If you’re a woman with a cool complexion, stick with cool colors and skip those yellows and oranges. You may think of jewel tones like royal blue, amethyst purple and even pink. If you have a neutral complexion, then you’ll be able to go for tight short dresses in cool and warm complexion. However, better skip those blinding and flashy colors that won’t flatter your skin tone.

  1. Opt for a versatile tight short dress that can be dressed up or down.

If you’re not fan of fashion trends, then, you’ll most likely have timeless versatile pieces in your wardrobe. A great thing, a tight short dress is versatile enough and will look stylish regardless of seasons. The key is to style your tight short dress creatively whether you’re heading to a dinner date or party. If you wish to wear it on a more conservative occasion, top your tight short dress with a chic blazer. On the other hand, a metallic blazer or leather jacket will make your tight short dress perfect for night outs.

  1. Be strategic with your tight short dress patterns and prints.

We all know that prints can add interest to your outfits, but do you know they can also enhance your body shape visually? As a rule of thumb, smaller prints and vertical stripes lessen the volume while bigger prints and horizontal stripes add volume.

If you have a pear body shape, think of larger prints or horizontal stripes on the top design of your tight short dress. If you are tall, you can rock those bigger prints and huge floral patterns. However, if you’re petite, skip those bigger prints as they can be overwhelming for your frame. Instead, embrace smaller prints like polka dots to your tight short dresses.

  1. Go for a tight short dress that reflects your fashion personality.

Even if you haven’t discovered your personal style yet, you still have a fashion personality that dictates your taste when it comes to putting an outfit together. Do you know that knowing your fashion personality will save you time and money when shopping for tight short dresses? More than that, you’ll avoid buying tight short dresses that you will never wear. Your fashion personality should be your guide when creating your personal style, so you’ll be confident with your sartorial choices.

If you’re a woman with a classic fashion personality, you’ll love tight short dresses in a timeless and structured silhouette. You also love those tight short dresses without loud prints and exaggerated silhouettes. More than that, you love neutral colors and find neon shades and bright hues overpowering. For a woman with a classic fashion personality, the goal is to look chic and elegant whether she’s heading for a business meeting, casual weekends, or girls’ night out.

If you have a classic fashion personality, you’ll love tight short dresses in tweed, silk, velvet, and even wool blends. Also, you’ll appreciate tight short dresses with sleek and refined silhouettes. If you have a classic fashion personality and you find your style a bit boring, you may get out of your comfort zone a little bit. Going for a bold graphic top or a more casual tight short dress will be a great start to test the waters. If it works for you, then stick to a new look, but if it doesn’t, ignore it.

If you’re a woman with a romantic fashion personality, you’ll love tight short dresses with floral patterns, ruffles, pearls, and even peplum details, along with lace and tulle fabrics. Also, you’ll love tight short dresses in pastel shades and prints like polka dots and watercolor ones. Do you still remember the Victorian fashion or even a heroine in a historical romance you read in the books? Romantic fashion personalities tend to mimic the way a woman dresses in the Victorian era.

On the other hand, a woman with a trendy fashion personality loves to be expressive even if she’s just wearing a tight short dress. If you often seek ways to experiment with your outfits, or make your typical looks more art-inspired, then you likely have a trendy fashion personality. Unfortunately, trendy fashion personalities are shopaholics too, as they keep up with the latest trends. You’ll find those tight short dresses in loud prints, funky patterns, bold colors, and avant-garde silhouettes more appealing.

If you love the comfort of tee and jeans, you likely have a casual fashion personality. A tight short dress in a casual and relaxed fabric is perfect for you, but being effortless means getting a laid back style while keeping everything stylish. A great thing, women with a casual fashion personality will look great and polished in most basic pieces, along with tight short dresses with stretchy fabric and plain colors. Also, one will likely pair her tight short dress with sneakers than high heels or sandals.

Style is all about making things more personal while keeping everything chic. If you own more than one tight short dress you just need some creativity to add some spice into your daily looks and make them stunning. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to wear your tight short dresses stylishly and confidently.

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