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225 Thigh Tattoos with Meanings & Placement Ideas!

Tattoos have had a long standing importance for a lot of people. They have gone from being used as a mark of honor for tribesmen to becoming a symbol of expression for people today. These days you can find people getting all kinds of tattoos in all kinds of places.

Whether you prefer to have a small tattoo hidden from view or you like to be covered with them, tattoos can be engraved anywhere on your skin. For a lot of people, the most popular place to get a tattoo is on their thighs. We’re going to be looking into thigh tattoos so that you’re well prepared to get one for yourself.

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Thigh Tattoo Meanings

Many people prefer to get tattoos that hold significant meanings. The same thing applies for thigh tattoos. While there isn’t a universal meaning to have a tattoo on your thigh, you can add one if you want to.

There are many different types of thigh tattoos that have different kinds of meanings. Each tattoo design can be interpreted into particular meaning and hold a special meaning for the wearer. Here are some of the most the common thigh tattoo meanings out there.

Animal Thigh Tattoos

Putting on a tattoo of an animal head is a very popular choice for getting a tattoo on their thigh. Not only does it look intriguing and mysterious, but it can also carry several hidden meanings. Most people prefer to get tattoos of their favorite animals, but you can also get one that carries a meaning.


Animal head tattoos are a great way to showcase your personality without directly mentioning it. For example, a wolf head signifies loyalty, keen intelligence, and aloof personality.  Similarly, a bear represents guardianship, courage, and resilience.

Popular animal head tattoos for women include the doe which symbolizes a nurturing instinct, kindness, and grace. Another popular thigh tattoo is the butterfly which symbolizes a vibrant personality, curiosity, and transformation.

Pattern Thigh Tattoos

A cool way to show off your thighs is to get amazing patterns tattooed on them. There are so many different patterns to choose from and you can never go wrong with any one. The best thing about patterns is that they can be a safer bet if you don’t know what type of tattoo to get.


Pattern thighs tattoos can include anything from simple designs to complicated mosaics.  You can get thigh tattoos for your taste. For example, you can get a tribal pattern, a Victorian or Renaissance era pattern, simple lines, or even futuristic geometric patterns.

These kinds of pattern tattoos are great at expressing your personal style. You can show off your favorite type of art style and it can even add some depth to your thighs.

Symbolic Thigh Tattoos

Sometimes when you look at a thigh tattoo, it may just look like random design. But more often than not, there’s always a secret meaning behind it. This is one of the main themes of getting a tattoo that has symbolism attached to it.


There are many different kinds of symbolic tattoos you can get to signify certain meanings. A lot of people prefer to get cultural symbols for their tattoos like the Chakra which represents energy and healing or a Celtic knot which symbolizes rebirth and life cycles.

If you want to go for popular symbols you can get something like the peace sign or the yin yang sign. These will easier for other people to understand and interpret.

If you like more subtle imagery, you can get tattoos that look simple, but have deep hidden meanings. These tattoos include things like an anchor which symbolizes stability and hope or a compass which symbolizes adventure and a quest for purpose.

thigh tattoos  

Floral Thigh Tattoos

Flowers are a very common choice that people opt for when getting tattoos. Although they were primarily preferred by women, these days even men prefer to get floral tattoos for themselves.


Not only are floral tattoos beautiful to look at but they look great on thighs. Designs for thigh tattoos can vary from simple tattoos like a single flower to a whole bouquet or even an elaborate arrangement. Flowers typically represent beauty, life, and a vibrant personality.

But you can even use certain flowers to give off particular meanings. Roses are seen as elegant, tulips symbolize true love, daisies are considered to show beauty, and sunflowers represent youth and happiness. Black roses are also a very popular choice and they represent mystery, despair, and rebirth.

Personalized Tattoos

Tattoos allow us to express us in ways that we normally can’t. Personalized tattoos allow you to be a human canvas that can project their personality to the world. It can be nice to put your style out there to match your clothes, hairstyle, and your personality.


Personalized tattoos can cover a wide range of different styles and types. Because each person is different, their personalized tattoo will vary greatly.

For most people, the ideal personalized tattoo is something that they personally identify with. You can get a tattoo of your favorite TV show, favorite movie, favorite band, the food you like to eat, your favorite person, and even your favorite fictional character.

These tattoos will not only make it easier for other people to understand your tastes, but it will also make a great topic of conversation.

Religious and Cultural Thigh Tattoos

Sometimes, a tattoo can be used to display what you want to truly represent yourself as. These tattoos allow you to show your culture to the world right there on your thigh.


Religious tattoos generally show the specific imagery that represents your faith. Getting tattoos of a cross is a very popular option on its own and there’s no reason to not show it off on your thighs.

You can also get a tattoo that represents your culture. It can something simple like your country’s flag or something deeper, like a part of your ethnic background. It gives you the freedom to display your culture of others to see.

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Quotes and Messages Thigh Tattoos

Maybe you’re not into having elaborate works of art on your thighs and just want something simple. This is where message tattoos can really shine. They’re simple, they don’t jump out at you too much, and they can be easily hidden. These tattoos also get your point across very easily without any guesswork.


You can get a wide variety of message tattoos for your thighs. You can use words that carry a meaning for you, a quote from your favorite writer, or a personal message that you want to convey. You can even get them done in another language such as Chinese or Japanese characters to relay a deep meaning.

These tattoos can be anything and everything you want them to be. You can get them in a big selection of different styles, fonts, and even colors. The best thing about these kinds of tattoos is that they can simpler, easier, and faster to do than other tattoos.

Intimate Thigh Tattoos

Not all tattoos are meant to be displayed loud and proud. Some tattoos you just want to keep for yourself. These kinds of tattoos are usually placed on your upper thigh or somewhere where they can be easily concealed.


These kinds of tattoos are usually things like names of your loved ones like your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, your childhood sports team, and your family. You can even get portraits of your loved ones tattooed to be able to remember them.

Intimate tattoos may not hold a meaning for everyone, but they hold a special place in the wearer’s heart. These tattoos get a personal attachment for people because you can to conceal them to keep them for yourself. And you can only choose to show them to the people that are really close to you.


Thigh Tattoo Placement

Once you have decided what kind of tattoo you want done on your thigh, the next step is to think about its placement. There are many places on the thigh that you can have your tattoo. It all comes to down to a bunch of factors and no placement is ever really wrong.

Your tattoo placement will depend on things like your design, the size of your thigh, where you want it to be displayed, and other personal factors. Each thigh tattoo placement has its own advantages and disadvantages to it. Here are some of the most popular placements.

Right or Left Thigh Tattoo Placement

The first thing you have to decide is which thigh you want your tattoo to be displayed. Either of your thighs can be a suitable home for your new tattoo. But which side you choose will determine how visible it is to others.

Generally, people go for a tattoo on their dominant side. So if you’re right handed you might want to get one your right thigh. There’s no method or reason for this and it all depends on personal preference at the end of the day.

Front Side Thigh Tattoo Placement

For this placement, you’re putting the tattoo right on the front part of your thigh. This is most common position to put a thigh tattoo. The tattoo is usually centered in the middle of the thigh on either leg.

This kind of placement works best for tattoos that are small or have words in them. The central placement makes this one of the most visible spots for your thigh tattoo to sit in.

Upper Thigh Tattoo Placement

Putting tattoos on the upper thigh is also fairly common among a lot of people. For this kind of placement, the tattoo sits on the upper end up of the thigh just near the waist.

Putting a tattoo on your upper thigh makes it incredibly easy to conceal it whenever you want to. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting these tattoos. You can hide pretty easily even wearing high cut shorts. This makes it ideal for personal tattoos that you don’t want to show off to everyone.

Lower Thigh Tattoo Placement

Lower thigh placement is best for when you want to be able to show off your tattoo loud and proud. This placement puts the tattoo right where the thigh ends just above the knee. Lower thigh tattoo placement works best for things like symbols, faces, or characters.

Wraparound Thigh Tattoo Placement

A more modern approach to thigh tattoo placement is to get a wraparound tattoo. This kind of placement has the tattoo wrapped around your entire thigh. It makes it suitable for much larger tattoos that take up more space. It’s also great for patterns and designs which add a more stylish touch to it.


Thigh Tattoo Pricing

When you’ve decided everything you need in your thigh tattoo, you might be wondering what it might cost you. Thigh tattoos run the gamut from being fairly low priced to costing you a fair amount. It all depends on the circumstances.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact price but it goes anywhere from double to triple digits in most cases. Generally, thigh tattoo pricing is dependent on a bunch of different factors that influence its price. Down below are some of the major factors that make up thigh tattoo prices.

Size of the Tattoo

Size matters when it comes to tattoos and thigh tattoos are no exception. You are expected to pay according to the size of your tattoo. The bigger it is, the more ink it uses, and the longer it takes for the artist – all of which drives up the price.

Design of the Tattoo

More complicated designs for thigh tattoos will cost more than simple ones. For complicated patterns and lines, the artist has to schedule multiple sessions and use a lot of concept planning.

Colors of the Tattoo

You can expect a multicolored tattoo to cost significantly more than one that uses 2 or colors. Monochrome tattoos will be comparatively cheaper because they only use one ink color.

Tattoo Area

The area you’re getting tattooed will also affect the price. The harder it is to tattoo on your skin, the more time it will take, and you will end up paying more as a result.

Tattoo Artist’s Experience

Tattoo artists have different hourly rates depending on their experience. Fresh artists and apprentices will charge less as they are still learning while experienced professionals will charge significantly more. You can get away with a lower price if you’re comfortable with a beginner, but it may impact the quality of your tattoo.

Thigh Tattoo Pain

One of the most common concerns for getting a tattoo is wondering how much pain you will be in for. The same case applies for thigh tattoos. People wonder how much it will hurt to get their skin inked.

While getting a tattoo anywhere is never a completely pleasant experience, the area makes a huge difference. For the most part, areas on your body where the skin is closer to the bones will hurt more than other areas.

Luckily for you, the thigh area has a lot of fat and muscle surrounding the bone. This means that as far as tattoos go, the thigh is one of the least painful areas to get your tattoo done.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be entirely painless. You will feel some pain especially if you are going for a complicated tattoo that takes multiple sessions. It’s important to communicate with your tattoo artist about your pain level so that they can stop when you feel uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered the major areas of getting a thigh tattoo, we will answer some commonly asked questions about them.

Why Should I get a Thigh Tattoo?

Thigh tattoos allow you the ability to choose whether you want to show them or conceal them. All you have to do is wear long pants if you want to hide them or shorts if you want to show them off. They’re also fashionable and stylish.

Will a Thigh Tattoo Hurt?

All tattoos will hurt a little. But as far tattoos go, thigh tattoos are least painful ones to get.

What Requirements do I need for a Thigh Tattoo?

You need to be a legal adult in order to get your tattoo. It’s also important to make sure you don’t have any bad skin reactions.

What Should I do Before Getting a Thigh Tattoo?

Make sure you do your proper research and decide exactly what kind of tattoo design you want.

How Much Will a Thigh Tattoo Cost?

Thigh tattoo costs vary wildly by factors like the artist, the design, and the hours needed. Different places will charge you different rates.

What Do I Need To Do After Getting Tattooed?

Your tattoo artist will give you all the necessary aftercare instructions that you need to follow after you get your thigh tattoo done.

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