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85 Feminine Tattoos for Girls That Reflect Your Personality

Tattoos used to be reserved for men, but women nowadays are being spotted sporting chic, feminine tattoos. A great thing, tattoos are a great accessory and a means to express your individuality. Since tattoos last forever, you should opt for ones that you won’t regret getting for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a design that represents something special in your life, keep on reading for the 85 feminine tattoos for girls that reflect your personality.

Tattoos for Girls: Brief History and Its Popularity

Tattooing is a branch of art, but it became a topic of debate for years. Some say that it’s immoral while others say it distorts your sacred body. Do you know that tattoos for girls became acceptable in 1920s when women started to use permanent cosmetics on their faces? Depending on your culture, religion, and social standing, tattoos for girls might seem acceptable, or a thing that should be condemn.

Do you know that tattooing can be traced back in the 3200 BC, when the world’s oldest mummy Ötzi was discovered having 61 tattoos? According to the researchers, the tattoos were made with the use of charcoal rubbed into thin incisions. But instead of a body art, the tattoos were used as a pain-relief treatment. Back in the day, European literature has not used the word tattoo yet, but evidences showed that the ancient people were “marked,” “stained,” “painted,” and even “engraved.”

Do you know that each decade brings change into the tattoo culture? If you’ll go back in the 1910, you’ll know that there was no tattoos for girls as the body art were reserved for circus performers and sailors. The purpose of tattoo was to identify their jobs just like getting an anchor tattoo for sailors.

Also, sailors take advantage of tattoos to preserve some souvenirs from their journey. In fact, sailors went for tattoos whenever they reached port, so they can tell stories. Do you know that swallows are a sign that a sailor had already traveled 5,000 miles?

In the 1920s, tattoos for girls became popular because makeup was too expensive. As an alternative for makeup that one usually put on her face, cosmetic tattoos are used to rock some Hollywood beauty trends—think of cheek tinting, lip contouring, and permanent eyebrows. However, tattoos for girls still have the bad reputation these times, so most women will keep their tattoos a secret.

If you’re working, you know the importance of social security numbers. However, memorizing them back in the 1930s seems a challenge that’s why some even tattooed their social security numbers on themselves. Tattoos for girls might be a body art, but in the 1930s, getting a social security number tattoo is more justifiable and practical.

In the 1940s, colorful tattoos for girls with bold motifs and elaborate designs became popular. But patriotic tattoos are more dominant because of the World War II. However, tattoos became a symbol of masculinity in the 1950s, portraying bad boys with tattoos. Also, most people associated the tattoos for girls with criminals, judging the tattooed individuals with baseless opinions.

Unfortunately, a hepatitis outbreak happened in New York during the 1960s, which made people stop getting tattoos. Since many were unhappy with the result of the war in Vietnam, patriotic tattoos became unpopular. In the 1970s, tattoos for girls became acceptable and were considered as a form of body art. In fact, tattoos for girls with peace symbols, intricate designs, and messages became popular.

However, tattoos in the 1980s became more rebellious—think of Celtic knot designs. In fact, tattoos became a symbol of rebellion and empowerment. Some people even go for Grim Reapers, skeleton, skulls, and flame tattoos. Also, the pop rock music made a huge impact on the tattoo culture. And during the 1990s, tattoos for girls were popularized by celebrities.

In fact, there were tattoo trends like tribal patterns, Chinese letters, and even sun tattoos. In the 2000s, tattoos for girls became more popular, but the placement of tattoos is the thing that counts. In the 2010s, sky is the limit when it comes to tattoos—think of feather tattoos, infinity tattoos, watercolor tattoos, and such.

From 1980s to 2000s, the tattooing culture was divided on into two groups. While some remained old-school scratchers, there were fine artists who used tattooing to showcase their creative skills—thanks to the art-school revolution. In fact, some artists acknowledge tattoo, even tattoos for girls as a form of art. Also, advancement in technologies made tattoos for girls more popular—think of safer ink and thinner needles, along with good tattoo machines to make the process easier.

Do you know that it also opened the idea of full body tattoo? According to experts, tattoo is considered as an art, so your whole body will be a larger project to work on. While you can start with a small tattoo on your biceps, the thought of filling the space around your small tattoo will lead to a bigger picture. Nowadays, tattoo is being considered as a form of body art, and the concept of rebellion is fading somehow.

Reasons Why You Should Try Tattoos for Girls

  1. Tattoos are a form of self-expression.

Some people express themselves through music while others wear the clothes that reflect their personality. A great thing, tattoos are more than just an art since it can be a means of self-expression. We are all unique and we have different personalities, and tattoos are great to show our individuality to the world. It’s true that getting a new hairstyle that flatters you makes you feel good and confident, but tattoos will reveal a lot of things about you—from your outlook in life to the things that matter to you.

  1. Some women get tattoos for girls because of some sentimental reasons.

Do you know that tattoos can help you remember the things and moments that matter to you? In fact, some people go for tattoo designs that honor the death of their loved ones, while others go for memorable dates in their lives. You may even think of symbols that will help you remember precious memory associated with your tattoo. According to some people, getting a tattoo that’s related to your loved one will make you feel that you’re still close to that person wherever he is.

In fact, you may even pay tribute your loved ones with a tattoo that mimic their handwriting, or even a phrase that they always say to you. Do you know that the ancient practices of tattooing even use ashes mixed with the ink so you can insert them into your body? Some ancient cultures carried the ashes of their loved ones through body ink, though you may think of proper hygiene to avoid infections.

  1. Tattoos for girls can remind you of your mantra in life.

Do you know that your tattoos can even raise attention to something you care about whether it’s a campaign or belief? This is especially true if you’re an environment enthusiast, as you can go for symbols that promote your campaign. Some tattoos for girls even feature mottos and mantras that can be motivating for someone. The key is to place that kind of tattoo on areas of your body that you’ll see often, so the purpose will be served.

  1. Some tattoo designs can cover up a scar or imperfections.

Some say that tattoos only make your body less presentable, but you know that they can also cover up your scar and other imperfections in your body. The key is to select a tattoo design that will draw the attention away from your flaws, or even camouflage your scar completely. Yes, some tattoos for girls can even boost your confidence and make you feel great with your own body regardless of your flaws and insecurities.

  1. Tattoos for girls are a beautiful artwork.

If you want to be a walking masterpiece, then think of tattoo as a body art. You can surely go on art museums to see masterpieces, but you can also have one or two on your own body. Just like painting, some tattoos for girls might have a certain meaning that matters to the wearer. If you’re thinking of art work, then you might also think of tattoos for girls that complement your skin complexion and personality.

  1. Some tattoos can be a fashion accessory to make you stylish.

Do you spend too much time on doing your makeup and deciding what to wear in the morning? A great thing, some tattoos for girls can be an accessory to give you a style statement. In fact, it will make you done up even if you’re just wearing your favorite tee and jeans, or even a casual denim dress. Just like accessories, you can make your looks unique and one of a kind with your tattoos.

You don’t have to go for trendy tattoos for girls just to look chic, but go for ones that feel personal and feels personal to you. You may also go for tattoos with certain meanings, but make sure its meanings matter to you. There are also lots of designs that look abstract at first, but have deeper meanings on the wearer.

  1. Some tattoos for girls can channel your favorite characters.

Do you know that some people even get fandom tattoos to honor their favorite characters, actors, writers, and even singers? In fact, there are Star Wars tattoos, Harry Potter tattoos, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tattoos, and even Sherlock tattoos. Do you have a favorite novel, book, television series or even a song that can be your tattoo inspiration? Some women even go for sci-fi and superhero tattoos to channel their inner hero.

How to Select the Right Tattoos for Girls

  1. Do some research and go for reliable tattoo artist.

Tattoos are personal, so you would want to get the design and service that you deserve. Most of the time, you can look for portfolios of tattoo artists and pay attention on the consistency of his work. Also, you should be ready to pay for a high quality tattoo. More expensive isn’t always the better, but tattoo is an art on your body, and you would want it to look its best. Remember, a reliable tattoo artist isn’t after the money, but a good tattoo since it represents the artist.

  1. Think of tattoos for girls that reflect your personality, not the trends.

When getting tattoos for girls, you should spend some time thinking about the design. Most of the time, going for a design that will be personal for you is your best choice. Back in the day, people go for tattoos that are trendy and hip just to fit in. However, tattoos are permanent, and getting tattoos for girls that are trendy is like getting the permanent mark of that time.

What if the tattoo design became outdated, are you willing to remove your tattoo just to fit in? One of the examples of tattoo trends is the barbed-wire design around your arms. It was all the rage in the early ’90s, but it isn’t on trend nowadays. Some people who got their tattoos in high school still have those terrible Celtic knots, nautical stars, tribal suns, old English lettering, and even Japanese kanji.

More than that, do you know that the tribal tattoo of the 80s and 90s is more of freehand? Unlike Polynesian art with corresponding meaning to each pattern, the tribal tattoo is more of randomly putting different shapes together. Tattoos are permanent, so don’t get something you really will regret.

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  1. Know the best placement of your tattoos.

Even though there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to tattoo placement, it can influence how others perceive you especially if you’re working on a conservative workplace. Most of the time, women go for spots like wrists, neck, fingers, hands, behind the ear, or even shoulders that will make your tattoos visible.

If you want to keep your looks professional at the office, better go for spots that can be easily hidden. Thighs, lower back, sides of your feet and such are safer options since you usually wear conservative clothes and closed shoes at the office. Remember, if you go for a bigger tattoo, you have to deal with pain in longer periods of time, and it will be harder for you to hide it under your clothes.

. If you have a low tolerance on pain, then, you should go for areas that wouldn’t hurt too much. If you have a high pain tolerance, then feel free to get tattoos for girls on your butt, feet, and ribs. Some women even take pain killers after the appointment since some drug will likely thin your blood and interfere with the tattooing process.

  1. Decide if you like a high-maintenance or low-maintenance tattoo.

Just like any new hair color, fresh tattoos look crisp and bold, but if you opt for multicolored and painting-inspired tattoos, do you know how they will look like seven years from now? The tattoos for girls you opted will surely fade over time, but everything will depend on the color and design of your body art. While pastel colored tattoos and water color ones look chic, they’ll likely fade sooner than dark colored tattoos like blacks and grays.

Also, if you opted for designs with precise lines and dots, take note that they might not be able to withstand daily friction from your clothes. Before thinking of placing your tattoo on your feet and hands, keep in mind that tattoos there would not likely last long. If you wish to go for trendy tattoos, would you love the design forever? Remember, trends come and go, and your trendy tattoos will look easily dated. While it is safer to go for timeless tattoo designs, you must still opt for tattoos that mean personal to you.

  1. Consider your pain tolerance when getting a tattoo design.

We all know that getting tattoos is painful, not to mention that it will make things worse if you go for sensitive spots on your body and a larger design. Remember, the tattooing process calls for multiple needles puncturing your skin just to do the design.

If you’ll go for a bigger tattoo design, then you’ll have to deal with longer pain. Keep in mind that you need to do some touch ups whenever you see your tattoo fading. More than that, you cannot take some pain killer as most of them thin out your blood, causing you to bleed during the tattooing process.

What Your Tattoos Are Saying About You?

Tattoos are individual expressions and they can reveal a lot about you, so it matters to go for tattoos for girls that reflect your personality. However, some researchers say that ones who get tattoos for girls are extroverted. If someone has a tattoo, then she’s likely a sociable and energetic person who loves social activities. More than that, women with tattoos for girls love to seek adventure and new experiences.

Do you love adventurous activities, and not afraid of making a difference in the world? Most of the time, tattoos for girls will remind you to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually strong. Tattoos for girls might not look modest and presentable at conservative offices, but do you know these persons are not afraid to think outside the box, make major decisions, do quick changes, and even go for challenging endeavors.

Tattoos for girls make you unique and one of a kind, so never go for the carbon copy design, unless you really want the tattoo or you’re simply looking for an identity of a certain group. After all, tattoos are designed to be your identity and means of self-expression. If the time comes that you were judged because of your tattoo, you’ll still be confident since you know what your body art means for you.

Tattoos for Girls That You Can Try

There are lots of tattoos for girls that can add meaning to your life. You can even think of memorable dates, portraits, quotes, verses, creative lettering, prints, patterns, abstract symbols, favorite films, books, characters and such. When getting tattoos for girls, always go for ones that are really matter to you, and are not dictated by trends. This way, you’ll be comfortable to rock your tattoos for a lifetime.

If you wish for a simple, numerical tattoo, you can think of dates rather than your social security number. Think of memorable dates like weddings, anniversaries, and dates that can be written in calligraphy, digits, or even roman numerals. If you’re into astrology, you may go for zodiac symbols too. Some tattoos for girls include birthstones, spirit animals, flowers and such.

Do you love a more graphic style of tattoos for girls? Think of your favorite portrait whether it is your loved one, best friend, husband, or even kids. Most portraits can be done in black and white or even colorful versions. However, you must go for a good tattoo artist to make sure your portrait tattoos will look precise and good. You may think of your favorite movies, poetry, books, song verse, book quotes, or even characters to make your tattoos more personal.

Do you have a mantra or motto in life? You may go for tattoos featuring quotes and handwritten messages to remind you of your goals in life, along with optimism and positivity. However, you should place these tattoos on the most visible part of your body so you’ll always be reminded of your tattoos. Think of wrists, forearm, legs, ankles and such that you always see.

Do you have some experiences that made you a stronger person or even turning point in life that made a difference? Wise words and even motivational quotes are great to help you move forward in your life, but better keep them short and simple. There are lots of song lyrics and even song titles that can say a lot of things that you can go for just to make your tattoos more personal.

Some tattoos for girls feature foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and even Japanese that makes their tattoo a bit interesting for ones who don’t know the language. If you’re a traveler, go for tattoos that feature coordinates to remind you of your adventures and travels. Or, go for tattoos for girls that feature your hometown where you grew up, or memorable places you’ve been to.

Are you a religious person and want to put your spirituality ahead of everything? Then go for tattoos for girls that feature your religious symbols and even verses from the bible. This way, you’ll be firm to stand for your beliefs even if compromising circumstances come around. If you wish to be inspired for a bigger future, go for meaningful symbols that can keep you inspired.

If you have a spirit animal, then, think of tattoos for girls that have those animal tattoos to reflect your individuality. Some women go for wolf tattoos, dolphin tattoos, and even tiger tattoos. When problems arise, you’ll be reminded of your tattoo that you are a strong, independent woman. If you wish to add some rebellious streak to your looks, then think of edgy skull tattoos to give you a mysterious look.

If you’re a creative person, why not think of arts to inspire your tattoos? Most women go for watercolor tattoos, rainbow tattoos, floral tattoos, and even some unexpected designs. A portrait tattoo is great, but it can be overwhelming for some women. Before committing to a tattoo design, make sure you’ll go for something personal, and something that you won’t regret having.

Most of the time, tattoos start with a single design followed with sleeve of tattoos. If you plan to extend your tattoos, be strategic with placement and design. After all, you’ll want a coordinated set of tattoo in your body, not just abstract shapes that are randomly placed everywhere. Remember, the tattoos for girls that you reached for are your own body art, which makes you a masterpiece.

If you’re still unsure about your tattoo design, then look for a tattoo artist that can draw concepts for you. You may include some characteristics of tattoo whether you want it to be cute, bold, chic, or feminine. The key is to have an open discussion with your tattoo artist so he can know your personality, hobbies, and interests and create tattoos for girls that will suit you.

Also, be careful on picking trendy tattoos for girls as they can soon look dated. Some of them include the bold lines with neon colors from the 2000s, along with cartoonish and pop-culture inspired tattoos. If you’re thinking of going for geometric tattoos for girls, think again. They might be trendy right now, but in 15 years they won’t be anymore. If you’re thinking of getting some trendy tattoos, better plan ahead.

Colorful tattoos might feel like more modern and more feminine, but keep in mind that some inks won’t last that long. For instance, a white ink on your tattoo can turn into yellow and dirty white, so you’ll have to do some retouches. To get a more statement-making tattoo, think of optical illusions. Thanks to the 3-D technology as you can create optical illusions on your tattoos easily.

How to Take Care of Your Tattoos

There are lots of reminders you should know before getting a tattoo and one of them is you should not take medications that thin blood and don’t be drunk. According to an expert, ibuprofen, aspirin, and even alcohol can thin blood and make your tattooing process a bit challenging. Also, you would want to eat your lunch or breakfast so you won’t have to rush the tattooing process. Remember, you need a good rest to have that energy to tolerate the pain of a tattoo.

Do you know that some women have allergies to hair dye, and will likely make you allergic to a tattoo? While tattoo allergic reactions are rare, you still need to be careful to avoid further problems and infections. Do you have an allergy to less expensive perfumes, hair dyes, or even costume jewelry? If yes, you might think of doing some patch skin test before going for the actual tattooing process.

Do you know that not all tattoos for girls age well, especially if you’re not doing the right care for them? A great thing, most of them will stay longer if you let them heal right. Most of the time, your tattoo artist will give you care instructions to follow, so make sure you’ll stick to it so you’ll avoid further problems and infections. Yes, you should treat your fresh tattoo like a flesh wound.

Do you know that you should keep your tattoos covers for the first five hours before washing it with a mild soap? After that, apply a rash cream or a moisturizing cream that your tattoo artist will recommend. To avoid getting infections, make sure your fresh tattoo is clean and dry since damp environment is a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Just like any hair job, you should stay out of the sun so your tattoos won’t fade. Healing of your tattoos will depend on the scale and design so pay attention to a good care since a fresh tattoo feels like sunburn. Some tattoos even itch and flake, but never pick them that will only damage the tattoo design. If you usually go to the salon to retouch your hair color and highlights, your tattoo also needs the same maintenance.

Tattoos are permanent, but there is a laser tattoo removal procedure if you’re really decided to take out your body art. However, experts say that it hurts more than the actual process of tattooing since it uses beams of laser to break up the ink. More than that, removing your tattoo is more expensive than getting one. So, before getting tattoos for girls, think and plan well.

Tattoos are a personal choice whether you wish to get a striking design or a symbol that reminds you of something special in your life. By heeding our guide, you’ll be able to get feminine tattoos for girls that reflect your personality, and cherish them for the rest of your life.

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