180 Forearm Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


Whether you are going to get a tattoo for the first time or the fifth, forearm is one of the most popular places. Over centuries, it has been the most recommended place to make tattoos. Be it Christian missionaries in the 18th century, old Italian women in 19th century or war prisoners in the mid of 20th century, all had one common place with tattoos: forearm. Getting a tattoo on forearm is easier and popular as it gives enough room for intricate patterns as well as bold designs. However, if you do not want big expanded tattoos on your forearm, a small and simple tattoo looks equally attractive there.

Many tribes and cultures used forearms a place for tattoos as it is the most visible body part. Infact, if you want two or more than two different tattoos, a forearm has enough space. In the old era, people used to get different tattoos to exhibit different meanings and they used their forearm for this purpose. It made it easy to represent the power, courage and strength that the old tribal chiefs and kings had. In modern era, however, if you are not allowed to have tattoos at your workplace, forearm is the place you can easily cover with your sleeves.

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Types of forearm tattoos

Forearm tattoos can be categorized on the basis of different aspects but their body placement is the most legit one. On this basis, there are three different types of forearm tattoos:

Outer forearm tattoos

Tattoos on the outer side of forearm are the outer forearm tattoos. These can extend from elbow to start of the hand. However, if you do not want such long tattoos, the area between elbow and hand can be used. You can get a tattoo on any desired part on your outer forearm: near the hand, near the elbow or in the center. Choosing the design and size of your forearm tattoo totally depends on you.

Inner forearm tattoos

Tattoos on the inner side of forearm are the inner forearm tattoos. These can be as long as stretching from your elbow to the wrist. If you are not a fan of long and big tattoos, you can get a small and simple tattoo anywhere on your inner forearm. Some people love to get a tattoo near their wrist or near their elbow while others want a tattoo in the center of their arm.

It entirely depends on you to choose the style and size of your inner forearm tattoo.

Round the sleeve tattoos

There are some tattoos that are not confined to one side of your forearm. They extend from outer forearm to the inner side of forearm. These tattoos are known as ?round the sleeve? tattoos as they cover the entire surface area.

Round the sleeve tattoos come in different designs and patterns. You can either get an outlined tattoo, a partially shaded tattoo, or a fully shaded tattoo. People, especially men, who are fond of big tattoos usually love these round the sleeve tattoos as they cover the entire arm, inside and out.

Big and bold forearm tattoos

Forearm tattoos are exceptionally attractive. Forearm is considered as the place to get bigger and bolder tattoos. We often see men and enthusiastic women with forearm full of a tattoo. When a person looks at you for the first time, your big and bold forearm tattoo is the very first thing he/she is going to notice.

If you want to have some great ideas for big and bold forearm tattoos, here are some for you:

1.????? Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos are very popular and everlasting too. They look the most attractive and appealing on a forearm. As tribal tattoos are usually complex, they need more space to get them done. If you want to represent your association to your ancestral tribe, getting your tribal tattoo is a perfect idea. If you are fan of tribal designs but do not like historic tribal tattoos, you can get a modern tribal tattoo as well.

2.????? Cross tattoos

Forearm is the most admired place to get cross tattoos. Many cross tattoos are the religious symbols especially Christianity. For the people who want to present their love and faith in God get cross tattoos. Cross tattoos are the symbol of religious devotion, sacrifice, and commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ or any loved one.

3.????? Human face tattoos

Humans love to get human faces carved on their bodies. That is how human face tattoos came in. As they would need a lot of space, forearm is the ideal body part to get a human face tattooed. People often get faces of their loved ones tattooed. Usually, human face tattoos are used to present familiarity, passion, and love for the things the other person has.


4.????? Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the modern style of big tattoos. These tattoos are best for women. A swatch of water colors looks amazing. If you want to get a colorful yet artistic tattoo, water color tattoos are the great option to consider. They make sure you do not get bored from the black and grey designs and have different colors on your arms.

5.????? Animal tattoos

Animal tattoos look masculine. Men love to get animal tattoos as they are a symbol of courage, beavery, valor and pride. Women love to get animal tattoos as well. The most common and liked animals to get as a tattoo are lion?s face, leopard, snake, horse, raven, bear, dog, and several others. Animals also serve as a national symbol. So if you are really nationalistic, you can get your national animal tattoo on your forearm.

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6.????? Natural tattoos

Natural tattoos symbolize nature. If you are a nature lover, you can get a scenery tattooed on your forearm. A combination of lake, rivers, clouds, flowers and a hut looks utterly amazing. People who are inclined towards natural backdrops love to get natural tattoos. Forearm makes an amazing place for natural tattoos as the whole scene can be inked very meaningfully.

7.????? Mixed tattoos

Mixed tattoos are often the combination of two different tattoo. Think of an animal face with a quote written along. It is going to look perfect. A lot of people love combining two similar or completely different things to represent a unique meaning. In most cases, you will get to see a quote written another design. These mixed tattoos are exemplary.

8.????? Abstract tattoos

Abstract tattoos are the random designs, shapes and colors. You can either get a totally black inked tattoo or incorporate other colors within. Abstract tattoos are the ultimate tattoos to get if you think you are an abstract person and are always trying to bring different thoughts together. These tattoos can be a supreme way to collect your thoughts and ink them on your forearm.

9.????? Clock tattoos

Clocks have always been a very important element throughout centuries. Clocks are usually taken as the symbol of life and death. Several other meanings such as punctuality, importance of time, and deep thoughts can also be associated with clock tattoos. Men have always loved to get clock tattoos. For women who are always into finding deeper meanings, clock and time serve great value.

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10. Spider web tattoos

Spider webs have always been a part of forearm tattoos. We often come across tattoo designs that has a web incorporated somewhere. Other than this, there are some forearm tattoos that are only web extending from elbow to wrist. Spider web tattoos look utterly appealing. Mostly, they are associated with negative meanings. However, they are several positive attributes that can be attached with spiderwebs such as concentration, self-control and self-confidence.

11. Geometrical tattoos

Geometrical shapes and patterns make great tattoos. These look really pleasing when whole of your forearm is covered with fine lines and shapes. Geometrical tattoos symbolize balance and symmetry. It often represents courage to go through very complex situations. Looking at your forearm will make your realize no matter how complex the situation is, there is always an end to it.

12. Quote tattoos

Quote tattoos are the most loved tattoos by both men and women. When you deliver a certain meaning, you can always use a quote for this purpose. Quotes can be as long as covering your entire arm. So if your favorite quote is a longer one, don?t worry as there is enough space on your arm to ink it.


Small and simple forearm tattoos

Now if you are not a fan of big and bold tattoos but want your tattoo to be somewhere it looks very appealing, choose the forearm. There are a hundreds of small and simple forearm tattoos that deliver big meanings. They might not be very prominent from far away but simpler and smaller tattoos are known to catch more attention than bigger one.

Following are some adorable small and simple forearm tattoo ideas you will love:

forearm tattoos ??

13. Initials

Get your initials, your best friend initials, your lover initials, your sister initials or any person in the world whom you love. Initials are always a great idea to get. An initial on the side of your arm or in center of it is going to look wonderful. You can get it in black or any color you love.

14. Infinity sign tattoos

Infinity sign represents something that is going to be always there, something that is forever and limitless. You can get different infinity design tattoo to add more to the meaning such as:

  • Infinity cross tattoo
  • Infinity arrow tattoo
  • Infinity feather tattoo
  • Infinity heart tattoo
  • Double infinity tattoo etc.

15. Zodiac tattoos

A lot of men and women are believers of horoscope and stars. They love to get zodiac signs inked. Zodiac signs differ in their meanings. Each comes with a unique one. People often get their own zodiac sign as a tattoo or someone else?s. If you want to get two zodiac signs, forearm is a great place for that.

16. Numeral tattoos

Numerals are always a simple yet meaningful idea. It can be your lucky number. Also, it can be some special date you always want to remember such as your daughter?s birthdate maybe? Or the day you find your soulmate? The day you travelled to your favorite place in the whole wide world? Numeral tattoos are an amazing way to remember something very close to your heart, right on your forearm.

17. Small shapes and designs tattoos

Small shapes and designs look beautiful and deliver some big meanings. So if you want to represent something big using something little, small shapes and design tattoos are an eminent way. You can have stars on your forearm, circles or any other shape you have always felt attracted towards.

Moreover, you can always get some small design. How about water waves? A mountain? A volcano? Or you can some music signs, birds, a crown or a small flower. Each has a deep meaning attached. Find the one that you think suits best to your personality.

18. One word tattoos

One word tattoos look really cute. A one word tattoo can be of a smaller size as well as of a medium size. You can choose whether you want to get it on the side or in the center in a little bigger size. There are a number of words you can choose from. The most common yet meaningful one word tattoos are:

  • Smile
  • Live
  • Breathe
  • Free
  • Happy
  • Blessed

If there is a word you have always just liked without any specific reason, get it tattooed on your forearm.

Is it painful to get a forearm tattoo?

A forearm tattoo is like any other tattoo. The needles go in, the ink is used and the needle is moved to design the tattoo. So obviously it will be painful to get a tattoo. Make sure you are not convinced by anyone who says a tattoo will not be painful. It is better to know that it does hurt and then take important measures to ensure that it does not become unbearable.

A lot of people use different things to drive their attention away. You can eat chocolate or any of your favorite snack meanwhile. You can take your iPod with you to keep your attention towards music. Moreover, chatting with your tattoo artist or a friend while getting a tattoo really helps.

It is important to know that getting a tattoo on outer forearm pains more than the inner forearm. As outer forearm has bones and tough tissues, injecting a needle hurts more there. The skin on inner forearm is more suitable to inject and move a needle. However, it will be painful near the elbow and your wrist as these areas have a number of veins.

The two most important nerves of your body: ulnar nerve and median nerve run down from your inner elbow to the hand, passing by the wrist. So these areas are most likely to hurt. However, do not stress. Inner forearm is the body part that is least exposed to the sun as well as it does not age. So your tattoo is going to stay the same for years and will not stretch.

If you are really enthusiastic about getting a tattoo, you need to have high pain tolerance.

How much does a forearm tattoo cost?

A small and simple forearm tattoo can cost as low as $50. A big and bold tattoo covering your entire forearm can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. On average, a forearm tattoo can cost between $50 and $2000+. The cost of forearm tattoo depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Complexity of design
  • Color of the ink
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Experience and charges of tattoo artist

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Forearm Tattoos ? FAQs

  1. How long does it take to get a forearm tattoo?

The time depends on the size and complexity for design. If it is a small tattoo, you can get done with it within an hour. However, if it is big and complex, it can even take 5 hours. Also, you might need to attend different sessions to get your tattoo done.

  1. Are bigger forearm tattoos better or smaller ones?

This entirely depends on your preference. However, if you are getting a tattoo for the first time, a smaller one is recommended.

  1. What are important things to remember before getting a forearm tattoo?

The important things to remember are:

  • Take some snacks with you.
  • Stay passionate.
  • Think twice if you really want a tattoo
  • Tell your tattoo artist if it is paining a lot
  1. How much does a forearm tattoo cost if it is round the sleeve?

A round the sleeve forearm tattoo will cost between $1000 ? 1500.

  1. Which is the best tattoo artist to get a forearm tattoo?

Any tattoo artist is best as long as he is experienced and uses safe tools.

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