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111 Adorably Cute Puppies You’ll Fall in Love With

This is puppy power! Let’s face it, many of us melt at the sight of cute puppies. Big or small, furry or furless, a puppy is a puppy. One look and that droopy face, cute nose, tiny ears and big puppy eyes will make us simply fall in love.

They can be labradors, pugs, chihuahua’s, huskies, pitbulls or whatever. Regardless of the breed, almost every human reacts with an “aaaww” whenever they’re in front of an impossibly cute puppy. It’s as if they’re just there waiting to be hugged, cuddled and loved like no other.

If you have problems resisting cute puppy photos, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled over 100 puppy pictures you can drool, adore and simply fall in love with. Here are 111 cute puppies to make you’ll adore

 1. What You Lookin’ At? 

“Yes, I’m a handsome pup! You better believe it.”

2. Fluffy Twosome

Two things: cute and absolutely cute! Those curls and superhero bandanas also add to their charm.

3. Puppy Dog Eyes

When we say puppy dog eyes, this guy knows how to work it. That tan and black combo only make this fella even more adorable.

4. Corgi Cuteness

Dog to Human: “Hey, if you don’t think I’m cute, maybe you deserve a cat.”


5. Teddy Bear Fluff 

Some dogs are just born with the capacity to look like a stuffed animal. But of course, no amount of plush will compete with a furry fluffball like this one.

6. Chocolate Lab Goodness

Those eyes! These two chocolate lab siblings definitely know how to work the camera.

7. Spaniel Tongue Wagging

Our furry friends are darling enough but with a pink tongue hanging out, it ups the darling level to a thousand!

8. Suspicious Pug

“I can’t believe you put me in this green sweatshirt! It doesn’t enhance my eyes at all!”

9. Shake Hands

It’s best to start them young. If you plan to teach your dog tricks or maybe enter them into showbiz, then start them young.

10. The Puppy Life

Nothing to see here. Just a cute puppy dog driving a car.

11. Sexy Spaniel Ears

Some puppies just got it from the start. Those sexy Spaniel waves make this puppy truly a beauty.

12. Cuddle Time

The perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon! (Or really, every afternoon.)

13. All Mine

You can also most hear him say, “This is mine, all mine! Nom, nom, nom.”

14. Hotdog Anyone? 

Dachshunds are the best puppies there are. They’re long, cute and docile. Making them the perfect hotdog to hang around with. (PS. no puppies were harmed during the making of this sandwich.)

15. Sleepy Time

“I knew I shouldn’t have binged watched Stranger Things last night.”

16. All Hair to No Hair

Sometimes,  hair makes a difference. These two definitely know how to make themselves still look pleasing with or without much hair.

17. Feed Me…

How could you say no to this beauty? While it’s not healthy, you wouldn’t hesitate and give him food anytime he wants.

18. Who Me? Or Me? Or Me?

French pugs. We LOVE them! Nothing else to say here.

19. Group Selfie

It’s not just Ellen and her famous friends that look good in a group shot. These puppies work the camera like total pros as well.

20. Teacup Sweetheart

Some puppies melt your heart from the start. This little guy not only melts your heart, he  steals it and keeps it the longer you stare.

21. The French Sailor

He might not look so happy with that costume but he still looks like such a cuddly bear.

22. The Rottweiler Gang

You can never have enough puppies! Trust us on this. As long as you can keep them happy and healthy, hey, you can have as many as you want. Especially true when they’re cute like these Rottweiler pups.

23. Nose Kisses

Siblings are awesome. Same with puppies too! These nose kissing buddies know they’re too cute not to fall for.

24. Got Hair? 

Well, this guy doesn’t have any problem with hair at all. In fact, he blends in with the car interiors nicely.

25. Baby Friends

Having a puppy friend is perfect if you have a growing baby. These trio of bulldog puppies and a baby already got a lifelong posse going on.

26. Bath Time

Not all pups love bath time, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Keep your baby clean and smelling wonderful with that occasional puppy bath.

27. All White Beauty

Got a thing for white dogs? We’ve got a cute white puppy you can adore. Those tiny ears and that button black nose and eyes. Like a plush toy on the carpet.

28. The Beach Dog

Some dogs are born to roll around the carpet while others prefer the outdoors. This water puppy knows it belongs here.

29. Little Romeo

Too cute and charming, Mr. Romeo here knows how to mesmerize and captivate with just one look.

30. Deep Dark Cute Brood

Brooding dogs might look scary for some but not this lovely guy! Those brooding eyes and dark, brownish black fur makes for quite a charmer.

31. The Spaniel Brothers

Hang out with these two siblings. Dogs and puppies often love being outdoors so why not let indulge them and let them hang out here.

32. The Long Gaze

Puppies might be small but they’re sentient beings on their own. This little pup knows what life is about. Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply taking your time and just enjoying the moment.

33. Beagle Walk

Dogs sometimes need to remind their owners that it’s time for their walk. This beagle puppy knows its owners might be too forgetful for their own good.

34. Lost in Hair

Can you spot the puppy? Yeah, it’s hard to see through all that hair!

35. Fits Right on the Palm

It’s amazing how small puppies are when they’re first born. Puppies grow quite fast in the first six months, then they even out and slow down.

36. Too Small, All Cute!

The smaller, the cuter, right? That’s certainly the case with this young adorable puppy. And how amazing is that hanging tongue?

37. A Fistful of Cuteness

That little pup is for you and this adorable puppy is for me. Are we cool?

38. Snow Grey Siberian

Siberian husky puppies are the closest to a wolf in terms of looks than any other. This lovable grey white pup is one example of that. Those prominent standing ears and that snout truly draw you in.

39. The Grinning Pup

One of the most beautiful dogs around the world, the Japanese Akita are among the most loyal around. This one knows how to make you smile too. Just one look and this puppy will have you breaking out that grin. See, you’re grinning now, aren’t you?

40. Running in Snow

Part hound dogs, beagles just make you want to cuddle with them at all times. Those big ears flap around like crazy when they run too.

41. Beagle Howl

If you’ve ever owned a Beagle puppy or a Hound dog, you know they can do those weird howls anytime and all the time. It can be loud but still makes them cute.

42. Grass Running

Puppies need their exercise. If possible, take them outdoors and give them a chance to run around like crazy. It’ll be a good workout for them.

43. The Portrait Shot

Now, this is a true beauty shot for sure.

44. Snow Covered Pups

We love our puppies indoors but there’s something about dogs in the environment that makes them even cuter!

45. Chow-Chowin’ Good Time

Chow chows are the teddy bears you can hug and cuddle without fear. Chowchow puppies already look too cute for their own good so try not to stress them out with all that hugging. It’s hard, but human, you have to restrain yourself.


46. Smile

This beautiful dane puppy knows how to ham it up for the cameras. It might be a slightly awkward smile but it’s a smile nonetheless.

47. Black and White Cutie

Most likely a husky mix, this tongue wagging puppy also knows how to work the camera. You can barely see his eyes but still so beautiful.

48. Brindle Beauty

This unique brindle isn’t something you see everyday. A total cutie, you’ll adore a pup like this hanging out in your space.

49. Curly Haired Beachgoer

Never have white sandy beaches looked so good!

50. How Do I Look? 

“So, will this pose do? How about I slightly stick my tongue out and then do a smize? Is it better?”

51. Beauty Shot No. 2

Some dogs are naturally pretty while others simply know how to work the camera to their advantage. Of course, they’re still adorably cute as they are.

52. Look At Me

Trying to sit still can seem impossible for a tiny little puppy but this guy is winning the game for sure.


53. Labrador Beauty

Puppy labradors are too cute for comfort. This golden labrador puppy looks adorable even if it’s just sitting there.

54. Running Brindle

Playing like the wind, there’s something so charming about a running dog for sure.

55. Hoodie Boy

Hoodies are total comfort. Pair it with a doggie and you have a recipe for the cutest pup ever.

56. Cool Bear Puppy

“Hey there, sexy lady!” This pup is showing off his rockstar chic with the coolest glasses and the funkiest fluff hair.

57. Little Thumbsucker

The epitome of cute, this funky babe knows how to win it for the camera.

58. Picture Perfect

We know some puppies are adorable but this little guy puts on the puppy dog eyes like crazy.

59. Basket Slumber

Need some sleep? This little guy certainly does need it. He passes out even with the kibbles in front of him.

60. Basket Plush

Dogs love toys but puppies are in love with them! This guy has a thing for a rubber basketball.

61. Pink Hat

Some dogs like basketballs, others have a preference for frilly pink hats. This tiny puppy loves the latter and obviously looks like he’s having a ball.


62. The Bone Pillow

If we were as adorable as this, we’d also laze around in large orange pillow bones. This big french bulldog puppy is taking his sweet time just chillin.

63. Brown Chip

This luscious chocolate cutie is hamming it up for the photographer. Sticking out her tongue, it’s the cutest thing ever.

64. Off To Work 

Yup, nothing to see here. Just a pug in a shirtdress and tie, heading out to work. A doggie’s got to do what it’s got to do to earn a bone.

65. Hi There!

This guy has an unusual way of saying hello. It’s a strange look but hey, at least he’s saying “hi.”

66. The Pug Slippers

I don’t think this little pug puppy is too happy being forced to wear his own mini kin.

67. Give Me A Treat

That is a look any puppy lover will fall for. He can have the entire bag of kibbles if he wants to.

68. Squad Groufie

You gotta have that groufie shot before anything. This group of husky puppies are showing off not just their looks but also their personality.

69. Besties

What better way to spend nap time than sleeping under your besties ears. This hound dog certainly has a cool bestie with him.

70. Oh no!

This tiny puppy seems confused with what’s happening. But hey, it still looks positively cute!

71. Playing Tag

Play time for these two means biting each other.

72. Big Head, Tiny Tail

Everything that makes you go, “Aaww…” This tiny puppy knows a thing or two about naturally being cute.

73. You Talkin’ To Me? 

This bear pomeranian puppy is too charming. It’s not even trying very hard to impress.

74. That 80’s Do

We love poodles, especially that curly haired 80’s mod. It’s just too lovely not to fawn over.

75. Tiny Legs

While they’ll never grow any bigger, this puppy pug makes up for the height with its too cute face and swirly tail.

76. Tiny Pups Unite

Newborn puppies are made of nothing but cuteness. This group proves it right here. Four of them are practically still asleep while the other one seems to be in the middle of a yawnfest.

77. How to Do A Proper Plank

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the puppy method of planking. It’s great exercise for you. It burns calories, makes you look charmingly cute for anyone who happens to glance by, and of course, makes you look like an airplane.

78. Under The Rock

If every rock hid lovely corgi puppies like this we’d be peering over every rock we can find on the planet. This silly brood seems to be enjoying themselves outdoors and in the shade.

79. Snow White

Something about all-white puppies that make them look chic and fashionable. This one’s got a mix of beauty and mystique all rolled into one.

80. Like Mama Like Son

No denying where this young pup got its looks from! This tiny white puppy looks just like its mommy.

81. Tiny Bear Paws

Yes, Pomeranian puppies are some of the most charming creatures ever on the planet. They look like tiny bears minus the bite. Take a look at those tiny black paws though, don’t you think they would make the loveliest doggie prints?

82. Puppy Dog Eyes

Dachshund puppies make for good buddies. They’re usually calm and gentle and can easily win you over with those large big puppy eyes.

83. Brown Whiskers

We’ll forgive you if you thought for a second this was a plush toy. I mean, this little fella makes you want to just go on a cuddle fest with him.

84. Too Tired

When you gotta sleep, you sleep. Puppies are almost always cute from even the most unflattering angles. They’re simply born that way. No arguing that!

85. The Coolest Pup

We love ourselves a little pug. Small dogs are naturally cute because of their size but this one wins when it comes to both looks and size.

86. Bad Hair Day

Some pups also suffer from bad hair days, whether they like it or not. This little pup isn’t too happy but at least he still looks cute.

87. Silver Grey Beauty

That coat is just too amazing not to fawn over. And he knows it! He knows he’s cute and there’s no matter how hard humans resist, they won’t be able to stand against all this cuteness.

88. Baby Rottweiler

They may be big and ferocious when they get older but as puppies, Rottweilers are equally cute as any other dog.

89. My, What Big Ears You Have!

With a tiny face and a small body, this guy certainly has large ears. But that’s part of the charm, every dog knows that this little guy is too cool.

90. Furbaby

This furbaby knows he’s got you hooked. Those mesmerizing eyes, spunky whiskers and adorable little ears are too hard to resist.

91. Hello There, Human

Look at those eyes, aren’t those just saying, “Come, let’s play!” I don’t think anyone would be able to resist this face. We certainly can’t!

92. The Puppy Gaze

Just hanging out after a walk, this little guy seems to have a lot on his mind. Maybe it’s wondering what’s beyond that tall bush over there.

93. The Lick

Corgi puppies are already cute enough but when they look like this all the time, you’ll feel your heart melting with just one look.

94. The Dog Profile

Most dogs like their front view look but this guy seems to look best in profile. He certainly knows it and is playing up to the camera.

95. Teacup Party

Okay, this guy wins for the cutest ever! Not only does he fit in a teacup, but that face and those eyes are also too heart melting for words.

96. 102nd Dalmation

I think this puppy managed to escape Cruella De Ville’s grasps. Now, why would anyone ever want to make a coat out of this Dalmatian pup?

97. Puppy Platter

Now, we never recommend serving up puppies at all but you can serve them up on a table and arrange them to look like this. Then wait for the “aaawws” to echo around the room.

98. Heya Bub

This little cutie sat there and stayed. With propped ears and looking as adorable as ever. We’d like to take this one home too!

99. The Side Tongue

This doggie knows how to do the side tongue thing. Not every dog knows how to do this or even looks as lovely as this one.

100. I’m Off To Read Now

Who would have thought a puppy could look even cuter than this? Look at those glasses? And that scarf? He can come to the library with us all the time, as long as he doesn’t eat any of the books of course.


101. The Stoic Pose

This lovely puppy knows how to strike a pose. He’s a bit stoic but he’s probably practicing his serious pose.

102. Dear Lassie

Border Collie puppies are so iconic thanks to Lassie. It’s a beautiful breed and that adorable face and luscious hair would make you fall in love with it right away.

103. Shiba Inu

Such a beauty! This Shiba Inu makes you want to cuddle all day with it.

104. Chunky Husky

A little chunky for its size, this adorable husky pup looks picture perfect. Of course, we like his little chunky size. It goes with those beady eyes, button nose and those tiny propped ears.

105. The Stair Workout

You can almost hear him say, “Okay, are you gonna come help me get up on this thing?”

106. Am I Cute Enough?

Yes you are! Yes, you totally are!

107. Pick Me! Me! 

As if it’s not enough that they’re cute on their own. This little guy just has to be extra adorable by standing up on its hind legs. I mean, can you look away from that? We can’t!

108. The Wolf Dog

All dogs come from wolves in a way. Huskies are the closest to a wolf appearance than any other breed.

109. Pinky Bow

Such a pretty little lady pup. That pink bow and bandana makes her stand out even more.

110. The Pink Tutu

Twist and twirl with this lovely little girl.

111. Escape Plan

These two are hatching an escape plan. It doesn’t seem to be too comfortable for the other puppy but it seems to be working.

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