50+ Bored Memes That You Can Relate During Quarantine

Let’s admit. 2020 has been the worst year due to the deadly rise of COVID-19 pandemic coupled with famine, economic crisis, health crisis and whatnot. On top of that, we are now forced to stay inside our homes, maintain social distancing while going out, and not attend parties anymore. The boredom has struck of pretty hard and we are now bored of getting bored.

Thank god we have social media, TikTok, and Netflix to keep ourselves entertained but most importantly, we have memes to get us through these tedious quarantine times.  But before you give you the ultimate dose of funny and “bored” memes that you can totally relate, let’s first jump into what boredom really is, and how do we get bored?

What does “boredom” mean?

Cambridge Dictionary defines “boredom” as the state of being “bored.” Being bored is usually defined as the feeling weary and impatient as one has nothing to do or finds no interest in what he/she is doing now. We all have experienced these feelings at some point in our lives and he it strikes us we really want to get out of it as soon as possible.

Occasional boredom, especially at times like this is normal but chronic boredom can lead to serious health issues including obesity and depression. That’s why no matter how bored you are, don’t forget to tell your loved ones how you are feeling and regularly check up on each other.

Why am I so bored?

One generally feels bored when he/she has to go through the same or repetitive experiences. For instance, most of us are staying inside the home, following the same routine and we all are complaining about how boring it’s getting. Some people get bored because they have to do tedious tasks at the office like only printing papers or doing tasks repetitively. Most men find going to the supermarket or shopping boring while most young kids find sitting and studying absolutely boring.

Our brains get alert when something exciting or unpredictable happens and for predictale things like going grocery shopping won’t stimulate the brain, resulting in boredom and the wanting to escape from it.  Some other causes of boredom include loneliness, lack of stimulation, inactivity, avoiding social interaction or new experiences and so on. It might surprise you to know that a lot of scientific research has been going on to find out why people actually get bored. Several studies indicate that we tend to get distracted and bored because it is difficult for us to pay attention to inner details such as emotions or perceptions, or when we have to do things from outside pressure and when we are self aware that this task is boring and doesn’t have any benefit for one just to pay the attention.

If you want to beat boredom during this pandemic, we can’t suggest you a better idea than reading these hilarious memes. Presenting 50+ Bored Memes That You Can Related During Quarantine.



Who can ever get bored playing video games? But if you ever feel bored playing Grand Theft auto, switch to Fortnite, get bored again and start playing PubG, get sick and tired of it and switch to good ol’ Mario.. well at least you have got a lot of option to get bored playing.


We all have been there at work when the entire day of monotonous project presentation is still on the line and despite convincing yourself or others that you are not bored, you sit there and act like you are all excited about the presentations. Be that as it may, inside you realize you’re lying.



Uggh, the pandemic has cancelled all the major basketball and football games this year. Isn’t it ironic when during good old days you never had time to stay home and watch full NBA games, chilling, yet now you are stuck at home and you still can’t watch the NBA games. (we all are crying inside.)



Don’t you realize you are super bored when you are half way making Jenga look-a-like tower from pencils? That’s a great way to utilize one’s boredom and be creative.


If you have ever owned a cat, you’ll totally relate to this. Cats are lazy and always bored with no reason. Sometimes you too feel the same way, sitting on your chair, waiting for someone to entertain you. Even moving seems boring.



Haha, this one will sure crack you up. Looking at this cat, you can learn a lesson that you should never drink just because you are bored or you end up sleeping with a cute sheep!


Remember King Julian from the most entertaining animated movie, “Madagascar”? Well, here he’s feeling super bored and he doesn’t even want to do his signature moves, “Move it, Move it!” Lord please get him out of this misery.


This is a very true fact. People who eat a lot when bored can totally relate. Raise hands if you have gained a few pounds during this quarantine and become fluffy like this cat.


Ever seen a leopard chasing its tail? It’s a huge possibility that it did it out of boredom but once when it catches its tail, then what?


Knitting is a fun yet productive activity one can pursue when feeling bored. But knitting something funny like this little guy with a mohawk in a concert is lit! If you are bored and know knitting, try knitting everything!


Imagine this. You made a plan with your buddies to go on a vacation but the downpour ruins your plan the moment you reach the hotel. What else can you do? Here’s a tip: Make some false corpses with sheet and pillows on the bed and hide in the bathroom. Perfect way to scare the room service or your friends. LOL.




The clock never seems to move when you are stuck with a tedious task in the office. Well if you super bored at office, you can gather some bulldog clips and make your own scorpion pet. (Like a Boss!)




So, here’s a crazy idea ko stir up some controversial conversations among a group of friends. We know this is completely wrong but reading the comments will sure be purely entertaining!


Tired of putting on makeup and have nowhere else to go? This might get you bored but have you tried drawing eyebrows on your dog and realise how hilarious it looks. I know the puppy looks weirdly funny but you sure enjoy a bunch.




Cats are mysterious and they love playing on their own. But when they stop playing and just lay around like this poor kitten, and you have to go through the same experience you can totally relate the height of bordem you are facing.


Ever come across this post while scrolling your news feed and reacted haha to the expressions of this monkey. Yep, you have nothing to do and you are super bored!



Ever wanted to play a prank on your neighbours who are super scared of clowns. Well this is the perfect way to take out that passive-aggressiveness. Paint their cat like clown and have fun. The cat doesn’t mind looking scary yet stylish.




You can relate when your friends make plans to go out and play some soccer but cancel at the last moment. You just sit on your sofa thinking, “whatever, Didn’t felt like playing anyway” just like this adorable fluffy cat.



In the digital age, most men and women tend to flirt and join dating websites to pass time when getting bored. But when the flirting takes a serious turn and you find yourself stuck in a pickle, you will be like Ralph show in this picture from Simpsons. (Run while you can!)



When you have to keep a self reminder every 5 minutes that “You are not hungry, You are just bored.”


Awww, this puppy will melt your heart, and guess what you can both shared each other’s boredom together.



Ah, the eternally funny expression of one of the best comedy actors of all time, Jim Carey can certainly give a sarcastic answer. When someone just keeps talking about themselves, making you bored to death, all you want to do is slam this meme across their face. Am I right?



Listen I Know It's Still November But Can I Have The Sparkly Green Giant Cat Toy Now I Am Bored Funny Bored Meme Image

Can anyone relate how bored this cute little kitten is of cold winter? Aww. if it wants the sparly green giant cat toy now, she should get one!



Every cat owner can relate to this. Cats are the ultimate boring creatures that will do anything in their power to let you know they are bored. It’s not that they want you to play with them, they just want you to know they are bored.



Most people get bored working but there are some genius people who work to not get bored and simply pass the time. They are not workaholics but they prefer working as a past time. Surprising right?



Wonder how grumpy cat got the face and the name grumpy cat? It’s because he’s bored all the time and even though he’s excited about a new toy, his face will still be like this.




Pulling up prank is one of the best ways to tackle boredom. So guys, if you ever feel tedious, try calling in sick at random places where you don’t work and enjoy the cluelessness of bosses. The moment will be priceless!



When you want to make a dramatic announcement of your boredom, share this post with your friends. It’s adorable to see a retriever wearing a suit and glasses just like a reporter.



You say smile is infectious, but have you tried boredom? Yep, it’s infectious and will make an entire company follow a crazy idea like this just for the sake of entertainment.


Too much talk about boredom and bored memes. Let’s talk about things you can relate post a hangover. Have you ever made a fool of yourself after getting hammered and this is probably the face you make when your friends make you walk through your imagination of every stupid things you did last night. Not fun anymore, right?




Going out for drinks with friends sounds super fun right, but not when your liver has had too many to take. But still we have a habit of consoling ourselves that our liver will be fine, but the next day it won’t!



This is one of the cutest puns! Looks how these cute buddies are talking about how bored they are after hours of playing inside the box. Maybe they need a bigger box to play more!


Ever come up with this tongue-twister? But it’s kind of explanatory when your are bored of being bored because being bored is boring.



You can tell your baby is super bored when he/she has an expression like this. Born at 7:00 and bored at 7: 01, LOL hilarious is that?



Memes have become a must on our day to day lives and we are sure you have followed a handful of meme pages to laugh out loud when needed. And when you find an epic funny meme, you can’t wait to send them to your best friends.



When your friends invite you to a party where you don’t exactly know anyone and you have to sit there silent feeling bored. It really sucks sitting by oneself and watching others having fun.



Some people are so bored that they’re coming up with creative ideas to spend their downtime. Like this brilliant idea, where you sent texts to random number writing, “I hid the body now what?” But make sure they don’t transfer your number to the police. Otherwise, it would be fun to spend some nights in jail when you are feeling bored.


It’s annoying for girls when a random guy keeps calling you or texting you just because he’s bored at home. Here’s an important tip ladies: Send this meme out to him and tell him it’s just because you are bored, you are not in love with me mister.”


Ouch.. If you have practiced doing high jumps or long jump, try this pose, when you go see Eiffel Tower because it’s super funny. Perspective can sure create marvelous illusions like this.



Adorable cat pictures and videos have since long been internet sensation. You can’t ignore a cat’s picture of video doing silly things. But when you are bored of watching cat pictures, you dive into this abyss of crazy ideas and deep thoughts thinking what if cats have their own internet and they have pictures and videos of humans, which they watch secretly to watch. Could this be a possibility? Why not?


Moms are cunning and they really know how to get the chores done from her kids. But kids today are way smarter and even though they are bored, they will find something else stupid to do that cleaning one’s room. We all have been there and it’s quite a difficult situation to get out of.


Work is fun during the first few weeks but later on you just watch the clock whole day hoping it will strike 6pm any time sooner. The boredom kicks you and when you thought you worked like for 3 hours, it’s just 3:13. It’s painful really.


Most people take a nap when they get bored. But have you been in a situation where you have slept so much that sleeping feels boring and going out also doesn’t seem interesting. Yes that’s the moment where you have reached the ultimate level of dullness.


Feeling distracted during a math lecture? Try pasting scotch tapes on your friend’s back slowly and you won’t even realise how time will fly away so soon. But you will get into a lot of trouble for sure!


Cat owners can totally relate to this. If you have ever succeeded in bathing your cat in the first attempt, you are our hero! Cats often react like they are bored until you prepare a bath for them. After that, they hide like a super-criminal with no whereabouts. It’s a real struggle.


Sponge bob Square Pants is probably the most lively and fun cartoon character that we love. Imagine him getting bored! It’s like the end of the fun world.


Well, this is sarcastic and probably not true. Boring people are boring because they don’t react to their boredom and often get succumbed to it. Wait, does this mean they are not actually boring, but they are just bored to do anything? WOAH.



Isn’t this picture adorable? Have you seen a lion trolling in the jungle? You can take a reference of this as look how bored yet adorable this lion looks. Awwwwwwwwww..


Ah, the popular crying lady face. You can totally relate with this meme. Sometimes you are so bored and don’t feel like eating too, you just wish you were hungry so that you can at least make something or order something to eat.


Boring people often say that though they might be boring, but they never get bored. Yeah they never get bored of boring other people. You see what we just did there? LOL.


It’s time for some grumpy cat talk again. Grumpy cat can get bored sometimes because of getting grumpy all the time.



When you go out for a party with your friends but you realise you should have better stayed home and played some games. See you’are not having any fun Karen.



Haha, this one will crack you up! May be you forgot to have breakfast in the morning or may be you are super bored that making pancakes seems more interesting that reading.



People often misjudge a guy who doesn’t drink or go clubbing for boring but have you realised may be those guys need alcohol and clubbing to look fun and active, as in reality they have a boring personality? Quite a thinker, isn’t it?

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