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107 Unique Best Friend Tattoos You Can Get With Your Bestie

From sharing late night phone calls, crying sessions because the boy or girl you’ve been seeing turned out to be a jerk, to cheering you on when you’re doing something your mom wouldn’t approve, a best friend is someone you lean on through the hard and happy times.

If you’ve got a BFF you want in your life forever and they feel the same about having you in theirs, celebrate the friendship by solidifying it with a best friend tattoo!

A quick primer, a best friend tattoo is usually small matching tattoos you get with your best friend, circle of friends or if you belong to a team or a group, it can also extend to that. For instance, the cast of Lord of The Rings tattooed the elvish word for “nine” on their skin after they finished filming the movie. Now that’s friendship!

Of course, you may not be on a quest to Mt. Doom with your nine friends but hey, you can certainly get one with your BFF from high school or college.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve scoured the Internet for some of the best-looking best friend tattoos you can use as inspiration when deciding your own. Here are 107 of the best matching tattoo designs you and your BFFs can get.

Finger Smileys

Charming with a little bit of rock and roll thrown in, these small smiley face tattoos fit right on the finger. You and your bestie can get one in each finger and hold it up (middle finger down unless necessary) and show it off!

These X-Mark smileys are popular for those who love a bit of grunge flair to their personality and lifestyle. But of course, you can choose from a multitude of smiley face designs and even emoticons if you like.

Not a fan of the X-Mark smiley, why not just go for the simplest but most charming smiley face there is! These plain dot-eyed smiley faces will bring a smile in anybody’s face. You and your best friend can get matching ones or add a little twist like maybe have stick arms tattooed and show them hugging like the image below. Are you smiling just looking at this? Because we totally are!

By The Letter

Do you love letters? Why not commemorate the friendship with a tattoo of each other’s initials. Lovers and family members do it, why not you and your best mate? The great thing with letter tattoos is you can style it however you want. You can add colour or stick with black and grey. It’s also possible to add another significant icon like in the images below. One pair got a single rosebud in the middle of the letters while the second example shows off a colt incorporated with the letter “A.”

Whichever way you prefer, you can bet these letter style tattoos will still bear the warmth and memory of your friendship years after.

Infinity Hearts

Share the love with this unique twist on the heart. Combining one classic design with another one; you get the heart shape and the infinity symbol intertwined with each other. These are often tattooed on the ankles for a cute and delicate touch. But of course, it’s up to you and your BFF on where you want it displayed.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to this exact design. You can have fun tweaking this. Add colour or maybe add text. You can even add each other’s name or initials. You can make this big or you can tattoo it small.

Scroll down further and you’ll even find a tattoo with a Celtic knot style version of this design. So, don’t be afraid to inject your personal style when you adopt this bff tattoo on your skin.

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Finder’s Arrow

Perfect for the squad, an arrow tattoo can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be! Arrows are a popular tattoo to get with friends because they’re generic yet instantly recognizable. Arrows can mean a lot of things. Usually, tattooed arrows pointing up, signify protection. When you get it, it can symbolize you’ll be watching over someone for life.

Other times, arrows can be taken to mean as simply pointing forward. It can indicate moving forward as bestfriends or as a crew. Considered as one of the most popular tattoo designs around. A lot of first-timers get the arrow tattoo because of its simplicity and possibility for deep meaning.

If you’re getting tattoed as a group, you can go complicated or as minimalist as you want with this design. For instance, the group below decided to get alternating tattooed arrows on their skin. Others got crisscrossed arrows instead of a single arrow. While others opted to incorporate different elements like a heart or words.

Whichever way you go, just know that arrow tattoos make for skin artwork you can share with friends.

Roman Numerals

Mysterious but also unique, opting to go with Roman Numerals definitely ups the cool factor when displayed on your skin. The great thing with Roman Numerals is you can use it to signify important dates or numbers in your life. For instance, you can use the numbers to commemorate the year your friendship began or any significant dates you two might like.

The great thing with roman number tattoos is they can be small or big, depending on the area you want to get it on. Some love to get it done on their hands while others prefer to get it on their feet or wrist.

Best Friend Tin Can Phone

Nothing more adorable than getting BFF tattoos signifying this best friend hotline design. One of the most popular matching tattoos you can get with a friend or a group of friends, this design often depicts a male or female stick figure with that familiar tin can phone most of us all used to have as a kid.

You can go as detailed with the design of the figures or keep them as simple as stick figures. If you want to get colour tattoos, you can also do that. Your imagination is the limit. We love this design because it depicts communication between friends and family. Get it as two people or even with three people.

Matching Sparrows

Cute with a side of cheeky! This matching sparrow tattoo is great if you love birds and other avian creatures. Of course, it’s purely up to you where you want to get it. The ladies below definitely felt like showing off their cheeky side by getting their matching tatts on a side boob. You can go also go ahead and get this on your upper back or in the wrist. The design can be abstract or blocked in pure black, depending on what you love.

Another cute style is a flock of sparrows instead of just a single one. These two ladies below decided to get their BFF tattoo on their upper backs.

Yin Yang Half

The Yin Yang is a popular symbol associated with Taoism. Normally, the Yin Yang design echoes two equal halves divided into two down the middle. The yin represents the dark side while the yang represents the light side. Quite valued by Chinese people, the design is popular when sported with the dragon or Phoenix.

As best friends, you can get one half of the yin yang each. These two got theirs on their feet, but we love yin yang tattoos on the wrists and hands. Of course, you don’t have to get one half each, you can get full yin yang designs instead.

The Wishbone

Getting a wishbone tattoo is definitely something different. These two ladies are sporting their tattoos on the side of their wrists. It’s small and discreet. Wishbones are great for keeping a promise.

The Graveyard Marker

Perfect for horror lovers! These graveyard markers are absolutely unique! If you love unexpected tattoos, these are great to have. For these two friends, they got a graveyard marker with the words, “Until We Are Ghosts in the Graveyard.” Perfect for signifying a long lasting friendship that will last until the grave, these are a great symbol of lasting friendship.

Bag of Sunshine

Bring sunshine to your friendship with this cute sunshine-in-a-bag tattoo. Perfect for friends and BFFs, it’s not the typical tattoo art you see and quite awesom if you want a custom tattoo.

Zombie Pinky Promise

Nothing like keeping a promise to be friends forever with your partner or BFF. Add a twist to the traditional pinky promise by getting it done in zombie hands or monster hands like this two below. It’s definitely an eye-catching arm tattoo to have.

The Cherry Bomb

Hey, puns are good. And if you’ve got a great sense of humour (like your BFF) then this cherry bomb tattoo just might work for you. This pair got theirs at the back of the elbow. It’s a unique placement that adds drama to the original custom tattoo.

Shadow Buildings

These beautiful shadow buildings can have deep meaning for those getting them. For instance, the Eiffel Tower can represent Paris or the place where one person is from. It can also be a part of a special memory. The other building is the Empire State Building in New York. Unique best friend tattoos are great to see since they can be extremely personal to those getting the tattoos.

Mini Sun and Crescent Moon

Whether you’re in touch with the cosmic forces or not, the sun and moon are great symbols you can get almost anywhere on your skin. You can shrink them into tiny tatts on the hands or wrist so you and your best friend or crew can get them together.

Tiny sun and moon tattoos are commonly seen on the fingertips. This way, they can be easily showed off when needed. On the flip side, instead of getting them small and discreet, they can also be tattooed big and large.

Here’s another way of getting the moon tattoo on your hands. Instead of just a single crescent moon, you and your BFF can get phases of the moon. These matching foot tattoos are adorably cute and definitely one of a kind.

Tiny Wings

For those who want to have a memento of their friendship, these tiny wing tattoos can work great. These two ladies decided to get their BFF tattoos right behind their ears in the shape of fluffy little wings. It’s small enough to be hidden by hair behind their ears if they decide to. But of course, it can be shown off once they pull their hair up.

The Insect Lovers

For insect lovin’ BFFs, these cute pair of ladybugs might be the choice tattoo to have. These are cute, adorable and that pop of red stand out against the skin nicely. But you don’t have to limit yourself to ladybugs. In fact, you can get whatever insect or animal you love. Maybe get dragonflies, little owl birds or even a string of birds hanging out together. Your design is up to you. If you have a shared love for a particular animal or insect, this design is one to consider.

Celtic Style

If you and your sisters love the Celtic style, a Celtic style tattoo could be for you. These are sometimes dubbed as the “Charmed” tattoo after a popular US television show. But this tattoo has more ancient roots. Nevertheless, it’s a regal style worth displaying on your skin.

Hindi Style Tattoo

Hindi style symbols or characters can also make great tattoos. It’s the same with Chinese or Japanese characters, you can get them and make them your own. Just make sure you fully understand what the foreign symbol or character means before you get it permanently on your skin.

Eight Infinity

Super small, you’ll barely see it’s there. These tiny tattoos are for those who want something absolutely discreet.

Pointed Stars

Star tattoos are popular among best friends or groups of friends because they’re such iconic and universal symbols. If you want something you can share across friends with different backgrounds and tastes, then this is a great design to consider.

Matching Winged Tatts

Sometimes your tattoos can be traditional or they can have an intimate meaning for you as friends. It doesn’t have to be a popular design and only special for you two.

Deathly Hallows

Show your love for Harry and the crew by getting your devotion permanently etched on your skin. If you have a friend who shares the same love for Harry Potter as you do, then great! You can both get this harry potter tattoo together! This one is the most popular though but you do have tons of Harry Potter symbols to choose from.

The Orient Star and Sun

If you love the sun and the moon, get it tattooed on your skin. Best friend tattoos are great for this, one can be representative of sunshine and the other can stand for the cool moon. You can go simple with this design or be as creative or detailed as you want.

You can add faces on your sun and moon or keep them simple with linework. It’s also possible to inject some colour on these tattoos. You just have to agree on what design you both like.

Diamond Tattoos

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So if you want to share the love, then maybe you and your BFF can also get them to symbolize your friendship. Traditional diamond tattoos on the fingertips are common. But you can go a little bigger and bolder by getting them on your arms with a matching script like the sample below.

Origami Elephants

The great thing with tattoos is you can easily customize them. These BFFs picked a unique custom tattoo to symbolize their friendship. It shows origami elephants sported on their wrist, feet and back ankle.


Love the look of crosses? Then why not share it with a friend and grab a cross wrist tattoo with a buddy, sister or family friend. It’s simple but a definite standout.

Custom BFF Tattoo

If you want something totally unique then go for a fully custom tattoo with your bestfriend instead. This is a great example of that. You don’t see tattoos like this anywhere.

Yes, you can even get matching avocado tattoos if you want!

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Share a mutual love for anything with skulls? Get your best friend tattoo in the sugar skull tattoo style like this one. These sit on the fingertips and look like wonderful rings you can show off anytime.


You can also get custom dreamcatcher tattoos with your BFF. Dreamcatchers were used by Native Americans to help capture dreams. If you love this idea, then why not go for a tattoo similar to this.

Hello Kitty Tattoos

If you love this cute cat, then why not sport her on your skin. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is a worldwide phenomenon and if you share the same love with your friend, then go ahead and get that tattoo.

Feathery Friends

For something feminine, feathers are a great way to go. Feathers are symbols for spiritual ascension or evolution. At times, it can just be an important symbol between friends or family members.

The sample below shows feathers transforming into birds, signalling a higher evolution.

The Script

Sometimes, nothing defines friendship more than words. For these set of BFFs, they’ve decided on actually getting the word “Friends” permanently etched on their skin. It’s a good reminder that someone out there in the world has the same tattoo as you and you hold them quite dearly.

When you get script tattoos with your bestfriend, it’s best to get words, lyrics or quotes that mean something to both of you. Maybe it can be a reminder of a promise you make to each other, or it can be a special word you both treasure and love.

Meet Your Anchor

Anchor tattoos are great if you love that classic sailor tattoo look. There are so many styles and designs you can go with on an anchor theme. This group, for instance, took the classic route with a simple vintage style anchor on each of their wrists.

This tattoo combines a sailor symbol with the words, “Keep Me Grounded.” It’s a great little sentiment to share with someone you care about.

You can also combine your anchor tattoos with other symbols. Add a heart to symbolize your love for each other or maybe place a ribbon and the words sisters to celebrate your sisterhood. It’s up to you!

Rainbow Coloured Hearts

Love the idea of adding bright colour to your tattoos? Why not add them to your beautiful heart tattoos instead! These rainbow heart tattoos give you plenty of colour and a touch of coolness.

Simple Black Hearts

Nothing says love than a piece of heart…even a tiny one. Tiny heart tattoos are popular with college friends, sisters or simply a group of friends. They can mean so much but at above all, it symbolizes love and lasting friendship.

You can switch it up and instead of a simple black or linework heart, you can add in an Americana style tattoo design and definitely have it stand out.

Inspirational Quotes

Some friends also have a special poem, quote or script they both share. If you’re like this with your best friend (maybe you’re both poets, writers or just adore song lyrics) then why not get a custom inspirational tattoo quote instead. These are some great examples.

Lock and Keys

These are traditional designs you can share with your BFF. A key to each other’s hearts or the lock to your friendship. It’s a wonderful way to signify your friendship.

Sure, this might be a different kind of “key” but it’s still a wonderful touch to your friendship.

Crowning Glory

If you love crowns or maybe it’s something special for you, then matching crown tattoos are the best to have.

BFF or bestfriend tattoos are the perfect choice for sharing something special with someone you love. It’s a great reminder that wherever you go, wherever you’ll be, you’ll always have a remembrance of each other – right there, embedded on your skin.

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