111 Adorably Cute Puppies You’ll Fall in Love With


This is puppy power! Let’s face it, many of us melt at the sight of cute puppies. Big or small, furry or furless, a puppy is a puppy. One look and that droopy face, cute nose, tiny ears and big puppy eyes will make us simply fall in love. They can be labradors, pugs, chihuahua’s, huskies, pitbulls or whatever. Regardless …

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107 Unique Best Friend Tattoos You Can Get With Your Bestie

From sharing late night phone calls, crying sessions because the boy or girl you’ve been seeing turned out to be a jerk, to cheering you on when you’re doing something your mom wouldn’t approve, a best friend is someone you lean on through the hard and happy times. If you’ve got a BFF you want in your life forever and …

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121 Beautiful and Inspiring Butterfly Tattoos You Can Get On Your Skin

Butterfly tattoos can mean a lot of things. Some are tattooed on the skin to represent hope, the afterlife, a floating spirit or as remembrance. With its fluttering wings and vibrant colours, butterflies draw a unique charm from the moment you see them. It’s no surprise countless people choose to give these stunning winged creatures a permanent place on their …

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