150 Inspiring Arm Tattoos with Meanings

Whether you?re going to have a tattoo for the first time or the fourth, you will have trouble deciding which one to choose and where to place it. These days, getting inked is not a difficult task and there are many people who are ready to bear the pain easily. The main challenge comes when you have to decide where exactly you want your favorite design to be tattooed.

Bicep tattoos for men look really hot, and the good thing is that they are very versatile too. You can easily cover the up if you don?t want to show them and vice versa. If you are interested in getting your arms under the needle, we have compiled a guide and a list of some beautiful arm tattoo designs for you.


Things to consider before you get yourself inked:

Before you go to a tattoo studio, you must consider a lot of things. Which type of imagery you want? Which colors do you prefer? Do you want a quote or just a floral design? It is imperative to determine your needs and requirements before you go under the needle. Following are some of the factors that you should consider before embracing a tattoo:

Location and size:

The location and size of tattoo plays an important role. This is because, depending on the location, the tattoo can fade or even blur out over time. The location of the tattoo will also determine its size for example arm, forearm, and thighs have more space and the tattoo can be larger than other places. If you?re confused, your tattoo artist will help you decide the pros and cons of the location and also the sizes of tattoos. Changes in weight can also affect the size and color of the tattoo.


After deciding the location and size, the next thing you should do is to think about the style. There are many different styles of tattoos and you must first decide how you want your tattoo to look and how it should define your personality. Some of the popular tattoo styles are as follows:


1.????? Geometric or minimalistic:

This style is all about precision and to have it you must go to a professional tattoo artist. The style features negative space and sharp black lines and it mostly involves symbols and simple lines.

2.????? American traditional:

The American traditional style normally features roses and skulls and is characterized by black outlines with a main primary color palette.

3.????? Illustrative:

Illustrative tattoos are those that involve quotes or something written and they combine realism and traditional tattooing. They feature intense color saturation and bold outlines.

4.????? Traditional Japanese:

The traditional Japanese tattoos are inspired by Japanese style and artwork. These tattoos normally involve koi fish, tigers and flowers. They feature minimal shading and clean lines.

5.????? Neo-traditional:

This is a modern version of the American Traditional style and it creates realistic portraiture. This style relies on colors and shading.

6.????? Realism:

These tattoos feature 3D images and subjects that look similar to those that appear in real life. The artist uses color contrast and shading to use such tattoos.

However, it isn?t necessary to be familiar with these tattoo terminologies, in fact you can browse the web and Instagram where people have posted their tattoo styles. You can also go through the work of different tattoo artists and get ideas from there. ?Save lots of tattoo images and then shortlist your favorite ones.

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Every tattoo style already dictates the color palette it will use, but you can also go for those colors which you prefer. You must first consider what color suits you and the style of the tattoo you have chosen. Here skin tone plays a big role because the color of the tattoo as it will contrast the color of the tattoo. For example, if you have fair skin, it will hold lighter colors well as compared to other skin tones. Purple and red pigments are also more prominent and look good on lighter skin tones.

Dark colors look amazing on darker skin tones as they can easily hold them. Colors such as royal blue and crimson red look better on dark skin tones as compared to the lighter ones. If you have a dark skin tone, you can also get lighter colors for tattoos, but it?s just that they won?t appear more pigmented as compared to others. There is another option called as the Greyscale in which the tattoo artist uses a mix of black shades such as watered down black, pure black, and white ink to create hues and shades.

However, you should remember that all colors including the black one will fade as time passes. You can also choose color according to their fading time so that you get a better idea. Your tattoo will look good and unchanged for a year but in 5 years they will look faded as compared to the first year.

Tattoo artist:

Now that you?ve decided your tattoo?s style, color, and placement, you are now ready to choose a tattoo artist. You can search for tattoo studios or go for recommendations from your friends and family and then decide accordingly. Following are some important points regarding choosing a tattoo artist:

Go for a tattoo artist who is licensed:

Tattoo licensing is an important thing which most of the people and tattoo artists ignore. There are certain rules and regulations for tattoos that are set according to the state and the artist must follow them. Each state has different set of rules and thus it?s important to check and follow that rules. Once you?ve chosen a tattoo studio or artist, make sure that they are licensed. Go to the website of the tattoo studio or parlor and then make sure that it is licensed or not. A parlor?s license is clearly displayed on the website or on the wall of the shop. Looking for a licensed artist will always help you in the long run.

Consider the health and hygiene:

Most of the reputable and professional tattoo parlors take care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the environment a lot. However, some of the parlors and studios don?t care even if their space smells like a rotten banana. It is very important to consider the hygiene of the environment where you?re going under the needle as it can lead to serious health issues if not taken proper care.

Make sure the parlor undergoes healthy tattooing practices and is very particular about cleanliness. Ask the tattoo artist about the needles they are using, always make sure that the needles are new or single-used so that there is no contamination during the process. This also goes with the razors, swabs, gloves, and bandages. Just make sure that anything that the artist is using is new and clean.

Look for artists who offer consultation and show professionalism:

Before choosing a tattoo artist, you must study his/her body language. You are going to choose someone who will do artwork on your skin and for this you should make sure that you?re comfortable with the artist and the environment. Your artist should be as excited and interested about the tattoo as you are. Always ask questions with the tattoo artist and then make sure he/she satisfies you. Take your time and make sure that the tattoo artist meets your requirements and is good enough for you. If you aren?t satisfied, move on to the next tattoo artist and don?t forget to thank the previous one for the time they gave to you.

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Beautiful Arm Tattoo Designs:

Clock Pyramid Hybrid:

This is a very unique and beautiful arm tattoo. The tattoo has black and white shades with many parts. It is a bold tattoo and it features a merging clock and a pyramid. There are two symmetric intricate shapes and more details at the bottom. The background is a faint black striped one and the top has birds in flight merging into the tattoo. The tattoo is gorgeous and it requires a lot of additional detailing.

Angel of death:

This is a large black and white tattoo and it features a large angel figure that is reaching out to touch an old man. This tattoo involves both the arms as the two pictures are interconnected. The angel is drawn on one arm while the old man is drawn on the other. There is a clock symbolism used below the old man. The clock is drawn on a skull which gives an impression of death. This tattoo is more suitable for men.

Multi-section full arm:

Multi-section full arm looks cool and it is very popular among men and women both. It is a full arm tattoo and it involves various images woven together seamlessly. There are smooth lines of block color and there are different images such as growing waves and flying wings. There is no central focal point in this tattoo and this is why it looks very attractive as the design is maintained throughout.

Concentric circles and leaves:

This is another attractive tattoo that is very popular and is embraced by men and women both. It is a black and white ink arm tattoo and it features alternating concentric circles and leaf details. This tattoo involves a central point which is circle and is surrounded by leaves. There is an outer circle too which has additional details.

Land mass outline:

This is a simple tattoo which features outline of the land masses of the globe. The outlines of the land masses are done in black and they highlight the various continents of the earth. All the continents are shown on the arm and the curvature is ignored while focusing on the outlines of the land masses only. There are no block colors in this tattoo and it is kept simple.

Geometric design:

This is a clean geometric tattoo that involves triangles. It is an excellent arm tattoo that goes in a linear fashion from top to bottom. The tattoo can be used either to represent masculinity or femininity and it will all depend on the tattoo artist. The geometric design can also be used to symbolize anything too such as it can feature a church or a doorway. It is a popular choice of many people as it is very versatile. You can use the lines and triangles to feature anything you want to.


Colorful Star Wars:

If you?re a Star Wars fan, we have good news for you because this tattoo is very beautiful, and it features the Stars Wars characters. This tattoo is also a complimentary one, which means that you have to embrace it on both the arms. One arm features the Rebel alliance hero Han Solo and the other arm features Stormtroopers. The tattoo represents bold colors and overall a distinct look is obtained. The tattoo has hues of blue, orange, black, white, and turquoise colors. You can also ask the tattoo artist to add different colors which you prefer.

Triple Band:

This is a very simple tattoo and is good for you if you want something minimalistic and simple. The tattoo features three simple bands and has a distinct and clean design. The tattoo is created around the circumference of the arm and it looks very elegant and distinctive. The bands can be drawn in varying widths such as the center one can be wider while the other ones can be narrower than the middle one. The width of the bands can also be used in an ascending or descending fashion such as wider to narrower or vice versa.

Wings on the wrist:

Wings can be drawn in a very versatile manner and it is very popular among tattoo lovers. There are many tattoos that start from the arm and stop on the wrist, and this tattoo is drawn in the same fashion. The tattoo has open wings and they are drawn on a solid black base. This theme is carried from top to bottom and it looks really beautiful in the black and grey shades.

Interwoven Tribal:

Interwoven tribal tattoo is a popular arm tattoo and is more liked by men. The tattoo is also drawn around the circumference of the arm and it goes down till the wrist. The arm focuses on larger circumferences while they get narrower as they go down.


FAQ about tattoos:

Q1. How will I feel while embracing the tattoo?

Embracing a tattoo is painful but the intensity varies from location to location and the size of the tattoo. Tattoos that require shading can cause scratching while those tattoos that have detailing can cause sharp stinging. When the needle goes over a particular spot multiple times, it causes a burning feeling. When you embrace a tattoo in the bonier areas, you?ll feel a vibrating feeling. All these feelings are just for a while and you just have to take a deep breath and let it go. In the end when you arrive at the feeling of dullness, you should know that the process is almost finished.

Q2. How do I care for my tattoo?

To care for your tattoo you must keep the dressing for some hours. Before removing the dressing, wash your hands and prevent the tattoo from any type of germs or dirt because it is like an open wound. Use your tattoo artist?s recommended cleanser and avoid using alcohol or fragrances as they can cause irritation.

Q3. How should I maintain my tattoo?

If you care for your tattoo properly, you?ll be able to maintain it and it will look new and vibrant as ever. Also, practicing good hygiene will make sure that you?re safe from infections and skin diseases. You must keep the tattoo clean and hydrated and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Dry skin can also make the tattoo dull over time. You must use a good quality sunscreen before exposing it to sunlight.

Q4. What should I do if I didn?t like my tattoo?

Tattoos are not for forever, but they are quite for a long time. So before you get a tattoo, you should make your mind and do a lot of research so that you don?t end up being disappointed. However, if you still aren?t satisfied with your tattoo, you can get it removed too. The removal methods are more painful and expensive too. The only way you can have a tattoo removed is using a surgical method.


A tattoo is a permanent piece of art and it involves special aftercare too. The most important thing to consider is that you should go for a professional tattoo artist and consider many factors that contribute to your good experience. Arm tattoos look gorgeous and they are less painful as compared to other locations because of the fat present on the arms. If you?re willing to go for an arm tattoo, this post will be really helpful for you.

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