45 Top Disney Cartoon Tattoo Ideas


Cartoons and Disney movies take us back to those fun childhood days when getting up and watching cartoons all day long used to feel like a dream come true. If you are a big-time cartoon lover, getting cartoon tattoos must have crossed your mind at least once right? And here, we will tell give you more than enough reasons why …

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75+ Must Have Bunny Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration


Bunny Tattoos or Rabbit Tattoos have been popular choices among tattoo enthusiasts. Aside from being super cute, they bring a special meaning or symbol in one’s life. Rabit tattoos range from traditional colorful to modern type and they can turn out to be a real masterpiece if we choose the right design for our body.  The tattoo industry is flourishing …

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20 Adorable and Fashionable Shih Tzu Haircuts with Grooming Tips


Owning a Shih Tzu is like owning an adorable fluffy doll with big dark eyes. Shi Tzu which is often pronounced as “sheetsu” or “sheed-zoo” is a breed that developed in Tibet. It’s a toy dog breed weighing from 9 to 16 pounds. It’s nick name is “Lion Dog” because of its long beautiful fur, reminding you that of a …

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50+ Bored Memes That You Can Relate During Quarantine


Let’s admit. 2020 has been the worst year due to the deadly rise of COVID-19 pandemic coupled with famine, economic crisis, health crisis and whatnot. On top of that, we are now forced to stay inside our homes, maintain social distancing while going out, and not attend parties anymore. The boredom has struck of pretty hard and we are now …

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111 Adorably Cute Puppies You’ll Fall in Love With


This is puppy power! Let’s face it, many of us melt at the sight of cute puppies. Big or small, furry or furless, a puppy is a puppy. One look and that droopy face, cute nose, tiny ears and big puppy eyes will make us simply fall in love. They can be labradors, pugs, chihuahua’s, huskies, pitbulls or whatever. Regardless …

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225 Thigh Tattoos with Meanings & Placement Ideas!


Tattoos have had a long standing importance for a lot of people. They have gone from being used as a mark of honor for tribesmen to becoming a symbol of expression for people today. These days you can find people getting all kinds of tattoos in all kinds of places. Whether you prefer to have a small tattoo hidden from …

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160 Cross Tattoo Ideas That Exhibit Spiritual Yet Modern Trends


Introduction Ever since 5th century, cross tattoos are used by different religions and tribes to associate themselves with their gods. Cross tattoos are one of the most ancient tattoo styles that have still not lost their importance. With every coming decade, they are gaining more popularity. Cross is a symbol recognized all over the world as it represents a strong …

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150 Wolf Tattoo Ideas You Should Rifle Through

wolf tattoos

Usually, wolf tattoos come with the face of wolf. There are a few wolf tattoos that include the body of wolf as well. Different cultures and people assign different meanings to wolf tattoos. For example, for Native Americans wolf tattoos are used as a symbol for their spiritual guides and ancestors. Similarly, various kings and tribal chiefs used to get …

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150+ Skull tattoos that will leave you astounded


There are many ways a skull can be used in an aesthetic tattoo. How it is used changes its meanings. Most people associate skull with death. This was the reason pirates used to have a skull on their flags along with two cross swords. Majority of people get this tattoo to show that they don?t have any fear of death. …

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150 Inspiring Arm Tattoos with Meanings


Whether you?re going to have a tattoo for the first time or the fourth, you will have trouble deciding which one to choose and where to place it. These days, getting inked is not a difficult task and there are many people who are ready to bear the pain easily. The main challenge comes when you have to decide where …

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