Newohlalamag12281_2 It was time for a little Nip/Tuck on OhLaLa. We have now officially moved on from OhLaLaParis to OhLaLaMag. For the past couple of months you may have noticed that both sites have been updated, from now on you will have to tune on OhLaLaMag.com to get your daily dose of hotness. Let see this as an "encyclopedia moment" ... Now that the first volume is done let's move on to the new one ;-) And the great thing is that you will still be able to browse on the old good OhLaLaParis with more than 6000 posts and about 40 000 photos it will remain probably one of the best rides on the net ;-) And now don't forget to change your bookmarks !!! Newohlalamag12282 OhLaLaMag is now also available in French, although the french version will be updated once a day, some of the articles that you see on OhLaLaMag in english may take several hours to appear on the french version. Photo courtesy of All American Guys.