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Certain countries are not use to certain ... rituals ! And for some reason, a gorgeous model in his Aussiebum's underwear is not something that people are use to see in the streets of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!


I just LOVE this video, the best moment is when one of the models drop his pants in the middle of the food market, the reaction of the crowd is precious !!!! The models are as always gorgeous and their accent will make you melt if their six pack is not ;-) Via Aussiebum.TV



Hmm... as an Australian I am so embarrassed. The cultural insensitivity and ignorance of this base example of marketing is shameful. The comment of the flappy photographer that Vietnam is a "muslim country" I think sums it up. Aussie Bum, stick to shooting these hot guys in the outback.

Impertinent Aussie crew to conduct a photo shoot in a country with a different cultural views on taboo and sex is absolutely deplorable. Of course you would expect a negative reaction!

Vietnam is not a muslim country but the photographer is absolutely stupid...He should stop taking pictures and go back to school...

The photographer is the owner and boss of Aussiebum by the way, Sean Ashby. Nice underwear and models, but he's one shitty person. He called Janice Dickinson a bitch but he himself is not much better.

Calling Janice Dick whatever a bitch is not far from reality ... you gotta be bad to get attention and it works!

Well I can say is that Sean Ashby is still trying to use the same marketing that he used when he first launched aussieBum, shows that anyone can sell rubbish clothing if you use gorilla marketing.

Sean will view it as any publicity is good publicity.

To shoot men in underwear without even thinking about the place he is in is absolutely pathetic. Not only is Vietnam still communist, being gay will have you in gail. Stupid man, they are not Muslims, there might be some, but there are not muslims mate.

Oh well... anything to sell a pair of underwear... or is it swimwear... or sportswear... so much for just replacing nylon swimmers!

He must at least knew some of the consequences ahead -I think he just wanted a little bit of attention.
Yeah those are some shitty traditions and whatnot, but it's not like you can do much about it anyway.

Vietnam is less than 0.1% Muslim (compared with Australia's 1.5% Muslim population). What a culturally insensitive idiot. He should put down the camera and pick up a book.

I'm one customer who's disgusted by him. Perhaps there'll be more. Just don't like the idea of an illiterate nitwit making the most intimate clothing that I wear everyday. Am switching to Cocksox. Cocksox rocks!!!

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