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This afternoon I had 4 minutes to kill by the pool ;-) So I have made a little illustration of Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Timbaland for their upcoming video secretly filmed in London a couple of weeks ago. In the sexually charged video "4 minutes to save the world" Madonna cracks the whip and gets her slaves, Justin and Timbaland to do whatever she wants ... One of the highlights of the video will be when she challenges Justin to a magnificent dance-off !!! I can't wait to see this video ... but for now instead of the 4 minutes to save the world you can preview 18 seconds of the song.

We Love it !!!! How could we not love a song born from the collaboration of master Timbaland, Justin and Madonna ... that's like "La crême de le crême".

Justin Timberlake was interviewed for Hollyeood Daily People and of course was asked a few questions about his collaboration with Madonna:

HDP: You worked on Madonna's new album with Timbaland. In what direction did you take her?

JT: Basically, our job was to re-invent her sound. My thing was producing her vocals, really experimenting with rhythm. Everything she does with rhythm is straightforward. What I do is more staccato and R&B. So the challenge for me was writing songs, then saying, 'How can I make this sound more like Madonna?' I'm a big fan of her first album. So my mission was to write a modern-day 'Holiday.' I wrote a cool house record for her called 'Miles Away' that I think is a smash! She sounds great on it.

HDP: So is it an R&B Madonna?

JT: It's an R&B/pop/dance record, but it´s still Madonna. Her voice still sounds like she's 18 year old! It trips me out that she's 49. She´s always been rough and tough. Her last couple of records, she's like, 'Rrrrrrr!'

HDP: How did she react to your ideas?

JT: A couple of times I pushed her in a direction where it took a minute before we saw eye to eye. Her approach was, 'Well, I just haven't done that.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that´s why you should do it.'

HDP: So did you teach Madonna how to beatbox?

JT: (Laughs) No, no. We left that to me and Tim.

Below Madonna and Orlando Bloom who recently pay a visit to Nepal for UNICEF and on the right Madonna's speeach at Gucci Unicef Event plus part of the auction where Tom Cruise is trying to bid on a private day with David Beckham. I just love when Madonna says that "we are no longer in America but on a piece of land that belongs to the world!"



I think Im going to have a heart attack waiting on Madonna's new material.

Is that Madonna and Justin?? WOW! Sounds pretty good -- can't wait to hear the whole song.

Hi S&A. According to Wikipedia, On February 9, 2008, a 36-second clip of a "4 Minutes To Save The World" "Soul Power Remix" leaked onto the internet.

You wanna challenge yourselves in getting your readers that?

omg, where is that picture from from the video? the new album cover?

I just read that Madge is growing chest hair. Of course I couldn't care less. More leaks please! Here's my doodle of Madonna and Lourdes:

VIVA MADONNA!! This song is AWESOME! I LOOOOVE IT! You can have the MP3 song "Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland - '4 Minutes To Save The World'.mp3" in great quality (HQ) in this blog:

THE MP3 SONG IN HIGH QUALITY IS HERE: Madonna feat. Justin - 4 Minutes.mp3

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