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Corey Worthington is a 16 years old Australian teenager who could face a huge fine for throwing a party while his family were on holiday. More than 500 people turned up at Corey's house in Melbourne and police were called when neighbours complained about the noise. Some of the revellers went on a rampage and police cars were pelted with glass bottles while nearby houses and gardens were vandalised. No one was arrested but at least 30 officers, a helicopter and the dog squad were needed to break the party up and the police say Corey could be made to foot their bill. Sweet 16 ...source


what a douchbag

Sad that even Oh La La had to give this idiot even more 'airtime'...

funny as crap!! liten up queens...

i can't believe this is getting as much attention as it is.
the kids a complete tool.

This little wankers fame has come to an end he has been arrested and charged today (Wednesday)along with another young male. In breaking news tonight police have charge one of the arrested males with making child porn they have not stated which male it is. As Alan put it the guy is a tool and an embarssment to Australia.

Would someone please tell the TV desk jockey to report the news and stop the moralizing. Gad, was this the 700 Club news?

Yes, the kid is a jerk, but the 'news' team was no better.

ha ha, what a legend. people need to lighten up. trust 'today tonight' to make it into an even bigger deal than it needs to be. corey can do my party any day.

Ha. It's not about morals, it's about him being a complete airhead and the fact this nonsense is everywhere.

To quote the once great (and funny) Eddie Murphy, "Let the beatings begin!"

Is everybody seriously such a bore? This guy literally did what many of us dreamed of as young teens, and now you're all older and full of shit, each claiming how this is kid is a douche...

He is a HERO. I can only imagine getting into a standard suburban neighborhood party with 500 people. THAT'S a party. Lighten up, folks. Life is short and too many seem to be bored- we should all attend parties like this!

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