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No, Richard Gasquet did not faint over the Gay rumors, but on his victory against Andy Roddick in a Men's Singles quarter final tennis match at Wimbledon. More photos HERE.


"Er, tell me, Richard. Are you gay?" The question, apparently, was inspired by an article in the magazine Le Point.

If he is gay, would it make any difference !? Do we even care today if someone is gay or not !? And where this rumor comes from ... enjoying running after balls doesn't make you gay (Ok! that one was too easy ;-) Maybe some people got over excited by this entry !? You can't deny the fact that Mr Gasquet is buttylicious !


But despite coming straight to le point on the topic of Gasquet's sexuality, Richard said that Le Point could scarcely have missed le point by a wider margin. He didn't quite blow a Gasquet, but Richard was so keen to point out that he was straight. Read more ... Thanx Shaun !

+ The Interview of Richard answering about the Gay rumors !


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+ Gasquet getting a Butt Massage :-P


Wow, how did you manage to get this post in so quickly!? Anyway, Gasquet is one of the hottest out there...

I love you Richard. I have been trying to searh for any shirtless pictures of you the last few years, but to no avail. I have been trying to get anything, anything that would show some of your flesh, but again, nothing showed up when I googled your name. So, if you are comfortable with your sexuality, your probably will be like Safin or Roddick, showing us some skin. But after 4 years on tour, not even a glimpse of your naked torso. So, conclusion, you must be GAY! (I know this is not a sound logic, but I am assuming that you are trying to hide your homosexuality by hiding behind your clothes.)

I love you Dicky (that's what Brad Gilbert called you on ESPN the other day), and if you want to come out, please do not hesitate. You get my full support. Learn from your country woman. Amalie did just fine with her openess!

Got a picture of him shirtless two years ago, but it's not digital. YES, HE HAS THE GOODS AND MORE! What you do is go to practice courts at this year's U.S. Open in Queens, you'll see him and the rest of the guys shirtless there, sweating their hearts out. It is like walking into a candy store. All yummy goodness.

I for one would be totally ecstatic if he was gay, but then again maybe that's only me. He's a nice looking guy. But you do have a point besides wanting to get into his shorts who really cares?


I think it's the fact that he comes across as a bit shy, totally hot... not like roddick when he won a point and start saying "come on, let's go" that American brashness is just not hot.

Richard's beautiful torso is visible on Richard Gasquet-désencyclopédie, a site dedicated to Richard by a reallymad-of-him girlfan. Enjoy!!!!, check this out, the end of the video is cute...

He changed his shirt today during his match against Federer (which he lost). Torso is ok but nothing to write home about. I doubt it looks as good as Rafa's.

More importantly, Gasquet is a great player. He played incredible tennis against Roddick - came back from 2 sets and a break down. Amazing. I felt sorry for Andy Roddick.

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