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What a fantastic idea to organize the Parisian Gay Pride in the middle of the winter ;-) When we have landed from L.A. I believed the stewardess was joking when she announced the temperature: 12°c (50°f) ... anyway I thought that temperature will rise in central Paris during the day because of the Gay Pride ... and I was right ;-)


But first let's start with the main news of the day ! The arrival of reFresh magazine on the Parisian news stands, featuring our photoshoot with Sébastien Moura photographed by Aleksandar Tomovic aka Alek :-) To get your copy you can go to Barnes & Noble in the US or Agora (Marais) in Paris. But let's go back to our proud Parisian butts ...


Yes, a real Parisian Butts Salad Bar in the Marais, all you can eat, bien sur !

Gaypride12paris2007 Gaypride08paris2007

There were also some clowns ... Those kind of clowns wouldn't make me cry as a kid that's for sure. I kind of hate clowns, I think they are creepy ... not those ! And this poor Wonder Woman trying to make a come back ;-)


Gaypride10paris2007 Gaypride04paris2007

The streets were packed with big trucks and big guys ... the blond guy (up right) was just stunning !!! He was in charge of the security, making sure no one jumps under the truck ... such a hero ! We also saw some Gladiators ... not French, but hey after all this is Europe right ;-)


Gaypride13paris2007 Gaypride14paris2007

When in L.A no one would dare to ride the Parade if the car is not a Porsche or a Mercedez in Paris we like to keep it simple (up left) and wet (up right) !!! ;-) Much more photos from this year Gay Pride in Paris HERE.


+ 2007 Gay Pride Los Angeles Part One
+ 2007 Gay Pride Los Angeles Part Two
+ 2006 Gay Pride Paris
+ Pool Fountain Part Gay Pride 2006


CONGRATULATIONS on the Refresh publication!!!! It looks fabulous!!! :-)
XO - v.

Awesome Parade,wonderful photo!

Awesome pictures and lots of fit hot guys...Looks very festive! Thanx for sharing those beautiful pictures, hope you guys had fun!!

The hottest Gay Pride pics I've ever seen!

Hey, I added you to my blogroll. Could you take a look and see if my site is worthy to be on your roll? :-)

So the gladiators were not French ?! Tell me more.

Ohlala indeed, Paris is where its at baby, I like.
oh, if you guys have more pics somewhere else, (like flickr) please let us know, these are great.

Wish I was there :P

I don't read this site as much as I'd like but, truly, the photography is outstanding. The whole whimsical nature of the Pride was captured quite eloquently and you're cordially invited to be my the photographer of my wedding. When that will occur is anyone's guess, but just the same. :)


HELP! I need to know the name of the mulato/domincan looking guy on some of these pix. He has shaved head, sunglasses on his head, huge ugly bling-bling. On the picture with all the butts, he's the one closest to the camera, on the pic of 2 guys walking by a green car he's holding some silver bag and a red plastic thing.. Man i'm in love with this guy,he looks a little bit like that Janice Dickinson model Maurice. If he needs to work the streets as a Pride go-go boy,he'd probably become my mail order husband:) And whoever helps me find him gets a prize:)

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