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I knew it, I knew it !!! :-) Not that he looks gay. It is just my Instinct ... and in fact another instinct is going to confirm that in their next issue !! I knew he was gay from friends in LA (that's my gossip instinct) but I guess it is not our role to out people, we do prefer when they take the initiative ! Ok so now it is very clear that those photos of JP Calderon we have posted a couple of weeks ago are totally post Survivor ;-)

J.P. Calderon, star of Survivor Cook Islands, comes out to Instinct Magazine in an exclusive interview that lands him the cover of the publication of February swimsuit issue. Instinct Editor In Chief Mike Wood conducted J.P's coming out interview as The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency crew followed the two of them around the set of the cover shoot. The first half of the two-part episode airs on Oxygen this Wednesday, January 24, at 10 p.m.

Thanx Ralph & Justin for the info :-) Isntinct cover source


I think that he is absolutely amazing.

I heard rumors that he might have been dating Brad from his season of Survivor but of course at that time he was not out.

His article is rather moving-- he's a good guy. I wish him all the success and happiness.

He is gorgeous.

def. ome of the hottest survivor's contestants- he looks pretty gay to me at the Janice's show... but good for him. He is hot and he needs to get naked more often!

OMG hes so HOT!!! so i guess that the Brad and JP rumor is true, they were dating. man this is so hot, two of the hottest guys on survivor is dating each other. can u search more on them and see if they are still dating or not?


What the hell...? I did give you this information! Why is only Ralph and Justin mentionned as the ones who gave you this information?!!?

I can't believe it...I'm so disgusted...

what or who am I supposed to be or to do to be mentionned?

Yess, he is goreous but I really think that he has a great personality and he is just very real(not that I met him but on the JD adency). I wish him all the luck in the world and that he is gonna bring it and turn the fassion world up side down!!!
sorry for my bad english but I'm Dutch and whn I'm 18 I'm gonna model to If I can find an agency that will hire me;)

This guy is totally amazing. He just sets my mood on fire!

GOOD, why the majority of hot, gougeous good-looking guys - are GAYs!!! I can't stand it anymore!!!

jp is a good person i like his good attitude towards his co models. he works professionally.

haysss i wish i hv BF like him......

I would love to fuck you my charming....
Would you fuck me as well?
I am waiting for your call

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