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No more invisible cloak ... Harry Potter ditches his wizard outfit and reveals a different type of magic wand for his west end stage debut. Those photos have sent shock waves out to some loyal Harry Potter fans.

Before looking at those images of 17 years old Daniel Radcliffe you have to remember that Peter Schaffer's controversial play is about a stable-hand who has an erotic fixation with horses !!! And what that fixation might be !? I have no idea ... All the photos from the promo here. Thanx Kelley.

One question ... at 17 years old, will Daniel be totally naked on stage !? ... I mean ... are they really going to have a horse on stage !? Come on ... he is 17 !!!! and you know that's kind of old for a horse !!!


No there is no horse on stage.

Its annoying that every blog I've seen this week has posted these pics, but it's clear none of them are authored by somebody who has ever read/seen/heard of the play. There's also a movie.

I've seen the play. It was years ago in a touring show, and it's pretty intense. The horses were portrayed by actors with wire-frame horses heads and hooves. Very striking design. And yes, there is nudity. I didn't see the play so much as a boy's sexual fixation with horses as more about his worship of them and what happens when he feels he's let them down. Never saw the movie.

He's so... (speechless.)

Well said, jacknasty.

The film is very good, Peter Firth is a better actor than I suspect Daniel may be in the role. The play is fascinating and thought-provoking, it's a shame seeing it being treated solely in terms of "Harry Potter grows up" and ridiculous comments about him being too young for the part (the age of consent is 16 in the UK).

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does daniel really appear naked... not just his upper body being naked but also w/o pants? am just curious.

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