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Exclusive photos by Nicolas Wagner not to be republished without permission

Chad White had his first OhLaLa entry back in May 2006, for the bebe ad campaign photographed by Steven Klein. The same month he collaborated a second time with him for a fantastic spread in L'Uomo Vogue. More recently he was window cruising for Dolce & Gabbana, became the body for D&G jewels, and right now Chad is in Milan where he took part in the winter 2008 global warming ... and took some time to answer to our questions. Photos courtesy of Nicolas Wagner.

What do you do to stay in shape?
CW: I for one am not like one of those guys who can eat whatever they want and doesn't have to workout and stays cut up. I work hard . My biggest and best exercise is running and situps, spinning classes kick ass too. They are not easy though depending on how hard you push yourself its a self honesty system. I set my goals high so high that rarely am I ever satisfied, which some say that's a bad thing but it makes sure that I'll always keep motivated and push myself to the limits.

What initially drew you to modeling?
CW: My best friend Emily drew me to modeling. She wanted to do it so we went in together.


You have a huge gay fan base. Do you embrace becoming a gay icon?
CW: Of course ! I'm so honored.

Tell us more about your "first love" baseball, and the transition to modeling?
CW: Baseball is a hard subject for me to discuss. I miss it, since I was young enough to remember I'd always been dreaming of being a baseball player. As I was going through high school I was a standout. Have you ever felt that you were meant to do something... Baseball was that feeling for me. Turns out different but I felt that there was no stopping me to become pro. I had some really influential ex pros behind me believing in me also. So my dream to play in yankee stadium seemed just fingertips away. Then one game I was pitching and I overthrew a pitch and tore something in my ELBOW. I balled my eyes out for days. My dream was gone.

Who are your favorite photographers?
CW: There are so many great photographers, everybody whom I've worked with are incredible: Steven Klein and Steven Miesel, Joe Lolly, Bruce Webber ,Terry Richardson, Nicolas Wagner, and my good friend Arnoldo. These guys are just amazing to see work. You see a pro ball player play with such ease, these guys take incredible and beautiful pictures.

Can you tell us about your experience with Steven Klein?
CW: Steven Klein is an amazing photographer. Really cool guy. He captures pictures that are just unbelievable. I am so honored to have worked with Steven. It really is an art to see him work.

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Your best friend (between models) is ...
CW: Back home before I started traveling all the time I made myself a local best friend Thomas Brown. He was modeling with me in portland Oregon. He is a great looking guy but he is one of the most genuinely nice people I ever met. I used to say if I don't go anywhere with modeling his friendship was the reason I was supposed to go this route.

What do you wear while sleeping?
CW: Ha, my sleeping wear all depends on the circumstance. If there is a special somebody in my bed butt nukked yes nukked is my attire. Most of the time just boxers to sleep . I don't like to wear little underwear to sleep its to...cramped.

Do you spend much time on the internet ?
CW: I don't have much time to spend freely but keeping in contact myspace and facebook are really good when traveling so much.

What is the most interesting or surprising person in your cell phone?
CW: At the moment I don't have a number in my cellphone. It got stolen so if you find it gimme a call ;-)

Tell us more about your coming photo shoots and projects...
CW: Right now I am very busy in Milan for the runway shows then I am off to Paris and then back to NYC. Photo shoots coming up, I'm not really all that sure. I know there are some things stirring up but you would have to ask my agency's...



This is a great interview... I'm a fan !

I love Chad White :-) You guys rock

Hey Chad you are the hottest model ever !

I have been reading your blog for years and I must say that you always managed to stay on top !!! Visualy perfect, funny, glamourous because you bitches live in Paris, you are a great couple and your hapiness reflects on what you do, congratulation ..

Chad is like the HOTTEST model right now, thanx for the interview and for the photos.

Hot pics !

What could have possibly happened in one pitch to end his career? Seems odd to me. Pitchers have come back from every kind of injury, even elbow and shoulder surgery. Can you give us more info on what that injury was?

The shoot that Chad did for L'UOMO VOGUE is, I think, the sexiest male model shoot of all times. Never have I seen a more beautiful male body, beautifully displayed.

I first noticed him before he was in fashion magazines on the cover of French gay mag Tetu. Does anyone recall that? He had a really great set of pics inside as well, and I recall flipping through it on the newsstands and thinking he was so cute and fresh looking. But I didn't buy it, and I regret it.

Nice interview. He's a welcome change from the cookie-cutter models, and I hope he has continued success.

I found a link that has pictures of the Tetu cover I wrote about. This was from Dec 2005/Jan 2006.

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