Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Photos by Joe Oppedisano not to be republished without authorization

Last november when we went to New York we had diner with our friend Joe Oppedisano, who gave us the details of his upcoming photoshoot for OUT magazine. Gladiators fighting and getting dirty ! The subject is perfect don't you think !? ;-)


Back then in ancient Rome Gladiators (Swordsmen) were occasionally "volunteered" professional fighters who fought against each other, wild animals, and condemned criminals & prisoners of war (not so volunteer) ! Today they are professional models who volunteer to get dirty for Joe !


Thank you Joe for those amazing photos. Joe Oppedisano Official Site // Joe Oppedisano on OhLaLa More photos from Gladiators HERE

Gladiatorsjoe06 Gladiatorsjoe09



Kinda corny, no? A la '50s soft-core stuff-- smooth boys in posing straps, holding swaths of fishnet, standing next to a plaster column? I thought gays were supposed to be imaginative. Even Leslie Lohman stuff looks more gay-forward than this. No wonder Out is so missable....

LAME, I don't think those models are attractive. I know its a weird complaint, but doesn't it seem like their neck's are too long? I don't know if its the models, the poses or the camera angels, but something looks wrong.

Also, all those guys would get their asses kicked by any college ball player, let alone a gladiator.

I'm underwhelmed. Both by the models and the styling. The props are really cheesy.

weird and cheesy

I was thinking more of the shower and bathing session that they might done after this photoshoots.
Anyone has 'em? Anyone?

I gotta agree with the rest. These pics look so unnatural, so scripted, so amateur.

Ever thought that this is a tribute to AMG of the 50's?!

I really like the very first picture of James Guardino, plus I like how it looks like they're posing for a sculptor.

It's funny how gay men have so little respect for other people's work ! I wonder what they do for living !?

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