Saturday, October 28, 2006



OMG do you remember when Joshua Morrow aka Nicholas Newman was looking like an Abercrombie & Fitch teenager when he started in the Young & The Restless !! Not so young today, but way much hotter. More photos :: here :: Thanx Matt.


I could not resist to remember the old times and post a couple of picture of Joshua with some friends like the sexy Eddie Cibrian. Ah! don't you miss those 80's haircuts !? lol ;-)



the haircuts don't impress me.. but I find it so sad that Josh, like so many of the other soap guys, is shaving his chest -- and he has such a nice chest pelt, as evidenced in those earlier days with those weird haircuts. Since SOOOO many of the people behind the scenes on the Soaps are gay, one wonders why they are SOOOO behind the times in having these guys in front of the cameras so smooth. Chest hair is back in... and I can only hope that the day arrives SOON when these guys stop this silly shaving shit. We all KNOW they're in great shape... it's about time they can be natural, too!!!

Shaved or unshaved....Josh is hot!!! Get over it pierre you sound fat and jealous!!!

Okay...I Luuuvvvzz me some Joshua...I don't really watch the Y&R but the man is HOOOTT!

Actually, I still like the 80's haircuts. Yup, I guess I am stuck in the past.

Regarding who is "gay" and who is not on the soaps, using my personal definition of "gay" (e.g. a homosexual who is self-accepting and self-acknowledging of him/her self as such), I think that very few are. I am sure that their publicists keep them well-stuffed in the closet. So sad.

First, I don't care whether or not Josh Morrow shaves his chest or not. He is extremely hot.I would never reject a chance to go to bed with him because of chest hair or lack there or, cut or uncut penis, petty shit that so many homos can't get past. Chest hair does not make you masculine, any more than big muscles, short haircuts, or wearing leather does. Either a bloke is or he is not. Second, Pierre, why is it that so many gay and straight men insist that guys be 'natural' these days, when most of these men insist that women starve themselves skinny, shave their legs, have multiple plastic surgeries, and spend small or large fortunes on clothes and make-up. Why not take that up Pierre? A little artifice for both men and women can be a good thing. After all, isn't it because of being natural that so many gay as well as straight men are seriously overweight it not downright obese. They call themselves 'bears' on the premise that it looks more masculine and authoritative. It looks gross and comical. Lastly, at thirty or thirty-one Josh Morrow is still quite young. I'm in my twenties and I don't view that as older or getting older, or 'not so young'. I'm not one of those gay men who believes that life ends at 22 or 25 or even 30 or 35. And yes Josh Morrow is even hotter than he was when he first started on Y&R.

yeah he's hot, altho' I don't kno' 'bout him. I like Eddie Cahill from CSI: NY. I think I've seen him somewhere before. Like soap too or somethin'.

Joshua is HOTTT!!! I watch him everyday on Y&R. I want him to do me so bad.

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