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Critics hate it ... Bien sur ! La fameuse critique, those journalists who probably were unhappy with their room at the Carlton "How come I do not have a view on La Croisette", unhappy because the free buffet was "degeulasse" those people hated it , because as a critic how dare you admit something is good !?

Anyway, we saw the movie too, and we loved it ! But first I have a confession to make: I haven't read the book ... BOOooo, I know ! Alek who read the book loved it, and thinks that the movie brings the story to a new level (a personal interpretation of the director, and a very good one). So my biggest aprehension was not how the story would be devellop on the big screen, but it was all about Tom Hanks ... He was sooo good in Philadelphia but I hated the man since he did the FedEx movie remember ? And surprise, he was good, really good, so was our "International National" Audrey Tautou. We were also happy to see that for once Paris and the French were not presented with the usual clichés !


I just saw the movie too and it was soooooo boring! There were also so much scenes that you could see everything was fake!

Feel free to write a review here

I loved it too, but there was some clichés...
"La Javanaise" into the car... and NTM's rap song into the suburbs part... SO CLICHé :D

It's a mistake to assume critics are prepared to hate a film or book or play. I've been a print and radio reviewer for more than a decade and met many others, some of them quite famous, and the thing they share is a hunger for something exciting, different, new, satisfying. Something they can trumpet to their readers and champion. They want to be excited and share that excitement.

I've read a lot of the reviews of TDC and they have a common thread: disappointment. The film is called dull and boring in comparison to a book that is quite exciting. I loved the book and as soon as I heard Tom Hanks was cast, I sensed trouble. He looks and feels neither like a professor nor an adventurer, both of which are required for the role.

I think Paul Betteny who plays Silas has a cute bubble ass!

I saw the movie last night. All the fuss was not worthing the movie. Hanks was very crap, he acted like a piece of wood! My vote to the movie is 6.



I have to say the movie's really boring, even more than the book which is supposed to be the quest of a lifetime (in about... 24 hours !!! And with so many inaccuracies ! Please !) .

I loved the idea of Jesus treated as a simple human being with qualities and even flaws (the fact that even he could have considered a sex life : that's the modern - and realistic - point of view !), as well as the Grail being an idea versus an artefact.

The only very good idea in the film is the questions asked by Tom Hanks' character at the end of the film : what's it gonna change to know that Jesus could've had a descendance ? How strong people's faith is ? Could such a revelation make so called believers become better human beings ?

And please, don't get me started on Paris viewed by the american eye ! Audrey, I love you dearly but I don't understand what you're saying (pronunciation is the key baby !), Jean-Yves Berteloot (Remy the butler, a great cameo, by a great french actor) could teach you a lot !!!

Well I loved the movie and the book. I thought that the movie followed the book almost to the "T" and although Tom Hanks wouldn't have been my choice to play the role of Robert Langdon, he wasn't all that bad.

For me, although I was raised Roman Catholic, I've come to learn that for me... the Bible was written and edited and re-written many times over the last 1,000 years... changed and amended as those people saw fit. So, since that is the fact... could it NOT be POSSIBLE that what the movie and the book says about Jesus and the missing gospels is true? I mean, we already know that these gospels did and still do exist after all.. hmmmmm.

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