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Big Brother has just started in Australia ! And let me tell you that their shower strategy is fantastic ... it's just water pouring in the center of the room ! I would imagine that the guys are taking shower with their national speedo. Guess what ! They don't ... have a look ! I think OhLaLa will give a closer look at those Aussie boys in the weeks to come ! Thanx Brett.


How I wish our local Big Brother is something like this... What do we get? Teenagers kissing each other on the cheeks on the way to bed, and crying over the most petty of things. Ugh!

If the U.S. were really civilized.......our BIG BROTHER would have scenes like this.

Ill take "door number three" please!

Those Aussies sure dont mind going all buff on us do they. God bless Australia!

And last night the most popular housemate, and the best looking, came out to all his housemates as gay. And he's a farmer! There may be the first gay winner of BB in Australia this year...

j'ai du mal à comprendre le truc. C du pur voyeurisme. Y'a des pays qui ont moins de tabous que d'autres apparemment.

I am a Aussie guy! and yes our bb this year has so many hot guys! we even have a small gym in the house and a sauna! and all the beds are double. and some of the guys dont mind sharing a bed with another bloke! and before the show started the commercials teased us with some little twists and secerets this year and one of them were "some of the housemates share the same seceret" and so if being gay was davids seceret. maybe another housemate might still be in the closet! Australia is known for doing world firsts in Australia last year we had twins in the house posing as one person but they got busted this year we have a mother and daughter posing as strangers.

Thanks, Sydneyboy. You're a doll. I think I wanna share a double bed with you!

This is from Australian TV?

What do you think is behind the hangup about nudity on American TV?

In 1971 I toured in Europe with the U.S.O. and I remember being startled by nudity on European television. And that was 35 freakin' years ago!

Oh, perhaps life WOULD fall apart here if there were naked people on the TV. We ARE a very fragile nation!

(WHAT is WRONG with us?!?

I'm serious! Anyone have any ideas/theories?)


quote If the U.S. were really civilized.......our BIG BROTHER would have scenes like this.
Posted by: William |

Thank God the U.S. IS more civilized. Can you imagine the world being ran by these Aussie idiots.

My theory is - Your hangup about nudity (and sex) is a hangover from your puritan forefathers. Modern Australia was populated by thieves, murderers and whores! p.s. This year's bunch of celebrity wannabes on Oz BB seem to be nicer people than in past years.

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