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Is 12 months enough ? With Francesco Arca a 50 months year will do just fine ! I am not sure but he did the Italian Big Brother, and now like all the big beautiful boys on this planet he is doing a calendar and I am so not complaining ! An other collector for 2006 ... Viva Italia ! More photos of the 2006 calendar HERE ! Those eyes screams "buy me" ! I will post more of Francesco next week.

Enjoy this video sent to us by Stefano !




Enjoy! mms://

who is this idiot? That video is, like, the worst and most pathetic thing I have ever seen. OMG: I mean, sure, he's hot in the pictures, but what an idiot to listen to. Excuse me.

He's never join the Italian Big Brother... he appeared only in a stupid program called "Uomini e donne".

Well u know "Big Brother" / "Stupid Program" it all looks the same to me :-)

Not sure if slackerbitch (above comment) speaks Italian or not - but I do and I didn't find anything particularly idiotic or pathetic in what Arca said. Just kind of a cheesy profile that appears to have been scripted (by someone else) for a specific audience and show. Beautiful body, interesting tatts, articulate enough that he doesn't come off sounding like a burrino. Seems like a pretty typical Italian guy to me.

Would I? In a heartbeat.

What said above isn't so correct. He's never been on Italian's television Big brother but he joined an Internet version of something very similar to Big Brother called "Ciccio ciccio". There are also some images that show Francesco Arca in a full frontal nudity during this program.

You can see these images on an italian blog at:

(for not Italian speakers, you have to click on numbers near "Immagini" label to open picture's popup. When you click on red links, you have to click on "Mostra l'immagine" button to see images). Have fun!

yes he took part to "Uomini&Donne" (the same program of Daniele Interrante, ndr)that is a show in which a boy or a girl (in this case arca) has to find a partner choosing between 30 or more people

Greaqt abs!
I wish mine were like these!

He is soooooo sexy!!! Dangerously sexy!!!

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