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Chris NYC - Jan 06

Francois Rousseau has just updated his Internet site with more of his amazing work, including last photoshoot in NYC of Chris in the bonus section. For some time we wanted to know more about Francois, and we have decided to ask him a few question over a lunch. Here is what he had to say.


What is the question that you would hate to answer?
FR: How does it feel to photograph French Rugby team naked?

What Inspires You?
FR: It is what I do not understand that inspires me.

Where do you "catch" your models?
FR: Thats the biggest part of my work. I prefer to discover models than to go to the agency and just pick them. I like to go to the gym, to assist a boxing training. The first thing I do when I come to a new city is to visit a local boxing gym. I like the guys that incarnate this contrast between beauty and tension, ... real man that can control there aggressiveness. They are at the time fragile and strong.

Unforgettable moment?
FR: Two projects: Habibi NYC ( discovering for the first time what it means to be in control of your creation ) and spring in Brazil for the Amor Causa (amazing filings and a real contact with models for over a month). Both times it was more than a simple photo shoot. I have found friends there, and real feelings. It was hard to leave all that.

Amor Causa

Your next project is ?
FR: Obsession with body, staging stories, big frescos, ... all that together made into a book. It is more than just a visual appeal, it is about my view of the society. Should take place mainly in Los Angeles. The Casting Call on your site is a huge success and I'm happy to say that there are already a few models that I plan on meeting for my new project. Thank you guys.

If you had no limits what would your perfect shoot look a like?
FR: I do not think that not having limitations is a good idea. Best things are born from the limits, that make you think and try to find the best ideas and solutions... It is more about moving the limits further with each project.

You have a huge gay fanbase. Do you embrace being a gay icon?
FR: I'm not sure that I'm a Gay Icon... what do you think?

Have you ever slept with your model?
FR: I have never tried to hide my sexual orientation, and I'm really comfortable with it. Taking a photo of someone is an exchange , sometimes it is like making love, an ecstasy, and most of the time even more excited than just having sex... All that said, the answer is YES ... it did happen but I find a certain distance with model necessary to take a good photo.

Chris NYC - Jan 06

Miami or Rio // Paris or NY ?
FR: Rio & New York

Religion as inspiration ?
FR: My work always had certain spirituality, and there will be more to come. While I was a painter it was omnipresent, but it was never about organized religion. Amor Causa is a good example of translating someone's believes onto photo paper. There are not so many artists nowadays able to have someone finance their projects (like it was happening centuries ago) It was commissioned by Renova's Owner, and I had open hands to do a project. That's when you get to explore things... The book was very well received , even by religious people and church. I have tried to present religion on a modern way... Have I succeeded?

Gay Marriage ?
FR: Vive le Mariage Gay. Hope that France will follow the example of Spain and UK (countries that are originally more religious and conservative). I can not wait that it gets generalized, accepted, banalized, and that's exactly what's going to happen.

What do you enjoy most in life?
FR: Being on a west cost watching a sunset over the ocean. Ecstasy.

Your preferred position?
FR: Standing !

Chris NYC - Jan 06


vive le soft porn! and a big merci to françois rousseau for acknowledging the great variety of masculine beauty and refusing to succumb to the facile temptation of superficial, glossy têtu-like magazine covers. oh wait, i'm thinking of someone else.

I think Francois Rousseau is an amazing photographer and he always have a great variety of models ! Are you a photographer RouquinRicain ? Would love to see your work ! Oh wait maybe you're just bitter for not doing anything interesting in your life :-)

How old is Francois and what does he look like? Does anyone have a picture of him???

I love the new updates on the site ! This shooting in NYC is just amazing and the music is perfect ! Love your site guys.

Dans une prochaine vie, quand je serai beau, je poserai bien pour François Rousseau. Z'auriez pu mettre l'entrevue en français, je dois faire la traduction à mes amis… mais bravo quand même.

as a matter of fact, i am a photographer, but even though i'm gay, surprisingly enough i don't take photos of naked men. c'est bizarre, hein? say what you like, but soft porn is soft porn and please don't try and peddle it off as art. je suis pas preneur.

Love his work, amazing, ... have seen his site too ... and there is more than just hot guys ;-)

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