Sunday, December 04, 2005


Ben in Cannes - France

Ben Browder was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1962. He went to study drama at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. In 2002 he moved to Australia where he worked on the SciFi television series "Farscape" as Commander John Robert Crichton, the hot and sexy leather space man !


The man is perfect in his tight Leather Space Pants, and the producers of the series knows well the deep impact of Ben in some tight leather ! I have to say that it makes a great butt on Ben ! Commander Crichton is also a regular bulger (see below for one nice example), but I don't think that it affects the series on any particular way ;-)


I would totally see a Space Hunk Galactic Battle between him and the sexy Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica! Don't you ?


During a press conference, Ben proved the world that it takes more than a tight leather pants to make a huge bulge it also take a "big tool" See by yourself ! Now for more hot photos of Ben Browder Click Here or go to the second part of the post.


Jesus Christ! That has to be the sexiest man I have ever seen.

HE's in the latest season of Stargate SG1, replacing Richard Dean Anderson.

WOW these pics sent the blood rushing from my head, or is that to my head? That ass shot is awesome.....slurp!

I remembered being glued to the TV when 'Farscape' was on (even back in my time in NZ)...just only to see this guy....he's bloody hot!

He is incredibly sexy. And I love Farscape. Huge fan, only coz of him :-) Just his face is enough to get me hot.

I've had my eyes on him for while now, and Im glad you guys did too. Lets put this guy on the map once and for good.

P.S someone please find more pics from that press conference.

maybe he was dreaming of me licking him !!!
just coz i said NO to him jejejejejeje

I've had a few people tell me to watch Farscape. And I'm like, no it's ok, I'm all set with BSG, and to top it off BSG has Jamie Bamber. Well, no one mentioned other reasons to watch, like Browder! Geez! The one in with him in the corridor wearing a tanktop, either he's got a boner or he is fucking enormous soft. Either way... I gotta hose down and set my tivo for any reruns. Thanks, guys!

Those who dont know about Ben should. Not only is he handsome but his show Farscape was a lot of fun, dark, funny and everything the last two Trek shows were not.

He is so big!!!

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