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A new calendar of hunks has been released in Australia. it's called League of their Own and it is as always "for the good cause" ... This fantastic calendar inspired by DDS is featuring Australian's Rugby Hotties totally naked, including the very sexy Michael Witt that we have mentioned a couple of days ago. I particularly like Liam Fulton see his full size photo (without the sign) HERE.


All this rugby guys....I have benn thinking seriusly to play this sport may be my partner will be one like this, beautiful, perfect, F.... body.

Surprise...surprise! After angeli del rugby, now Australia joins the crowd of "marriage" between sport and photographic industries. I just wonder: "Did Dieux du stade achieve huge and significant profit so that the others follow?", "Is Rugby really pleased mainstream and gays so that it becomes an icon of male sport physique? and why Rugby not(yet) the other sports? what is the psychology behind this?". After all...i just need to enjoy the picture:) and challenge:"When do (Authentics) American Rugby players want to join the party?:)"

I live in Australia and have the calendar and Michael Witt looks totally incredible in it nude. I'm trying to get access to an A3 sized scanner to post all the pics from the calendar onto the web.

Hi mark, please let us know when you do so. Many thanks!

o.k anyone know am email addy or website , where aussie rugby calendar can b orderd let me know or post info

The calendar is available from newsagencies in Australia.

If you live outside Australia I can post one to you for the cost of 20 Euros (includes postage)

thnx 4 offer mark , but 2 , save u the bother , just any email addy or web site details from the calendar would b easier so i can use visa 4 payment , as i;m in new zealand
details direct
cheers al


The link to the makers of the calendar is

There is a phone number there to order the calendar but I don't know if they would send overseas.

Let me know how you get on!

where can i buy this calendar?

I might be putting a calendar on eBay to sell very soon, I'll let everyone know when I put one up for auction.

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