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Renova asked François Rousseau to think about photographic suite inspired by the Beatitudes. The result is a book charged of emotions amor causa, a mystical reinterpretation of the Beatitudes // The Bible Reloaded ! The portraits and settings belong to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. His actors are all chosen from the street, including the hot and charismatic modern day Christ.

Unfortunately the result will not be seen in France, as the BVP (Bureau de Verification de le Publicité) has forbidden the campaign, saying that it could hurt the religious' convictions of the public ! Can you believe that ?! Just as a reminder France advertises itself with : Liberté Egalité Fraternité Maybe the BVP should forbid this slogan since clearly no one can believe in this anymore ! FYI :: Spain and Portugal will run the ad !

However, François Rousseau's book amor causa, is available in stores.


Amorcosa_bookcover:: amor causa

:: FrançoisRousseau.com

:: François Rousseau on OhLaLa

:: Photos all rights reserved François Rousseau

:: Amor causa censored in France Preferences Mag


I'm on France's side...creeeepppyyyy

I saw the book while I was in Paris and I loved it. I love what FR does and a little controversial can't hurt.

I have just bought the book this weekend in Paris, and find it amazing ! BRAVO

In fact, the ad is already in the streets of Lisbon. Since the beginning of this month there was a huge ad near my university: "Blessed are the pacific" it's really impressive

I don't quite understand. Is it the advertising that is being banned, rather than the book itself? If so, how can a non-government voluntary body like the BVP have this power? Are the publishers self-censoring in response to its wishes?

i don´t now if you remember the before campaign of renova in France. it was a scandalous. i´m portuguese, i´m in Portugal and i read about it. that same campaign was every were in here and didn´t have problems or polemics.

Hey Brian! No the publishers did not self censor the book since it is available to buy in France ! Only the advertisement won't be seen ... at least for now !

The Theme Amor Causa is really amazing, if you remember that is to promote paper to use in the toilet.
FYI this is the same company that made the advertisements with one nude guy and a toilet in the back!!!! You posted here!

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