Thursday, September 22, 2005



Big Brother is the same concept all over the world. What makes a difference is the amount of skin you are actually allowed to see on your tv screen after the different censorships. The most wanted moments in every country being the Shower, and the Pool Party - after a couple of beers - All I can say is that those boys in the Czech Republic aren't shy, and their country does not have any problem with "anatomy's censorship". If only those guys could share the shower to save some hot water that would be nice ... actually, they do ! Check out the second part of the post for some uncut Shower Scenes and Multi Male Shower Scenes ... They don't call it BIG Brother for no reason !


GayPornBlog gives us a little more informations on one contestant, Filip Trojovsky, aka Bel Ami's Tommy Hansen ... He was the second contestant voted off this season.
Thanx Bertrand.


have you ever been in the czech republic? are those men as hot as they seem? is it too expensive to travel there? I wonder how nice is during winter...

Hmm...the pics look doctored, but he's still a hot guy, so thnks for showing.

I don't think they look "doctored." You're just trying to ruin our fun. ;o)~

Artor: Yes, boy in our country are very hot. :) And there is one, that I realy like:

Oh my god, the czech boys sure are cute.

People get REAL. Have u been to Czech Republic? Especially in the capital? Yeah, the boys looked cute but should I say that they were WHORES? Once u pop u never stop.

Whoa, thats so mean calling people whores. And whats the definition of whores, someone whos having more sex than you are, well I think they having more sex because they can, more power to them.

hey thanks for posting these pics... cute guy .... nicely hung

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