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Aaron Krach is a “creative personality” who lives on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. As an artist, he has exhibited photographs and installations from Seattle to Sao Paulo. In 2004, his first novel, Half-Life, was published. He is a senior editor at Cargo magazine. Born in Michigan, but raised in California, Krach can’t imagine living anywhere else but New York.

We have read the Half-Life, loved it, and are really happy that Aaron has accepted the invitation to do this amazing L.A. Paris, New York interview. Enjoy the ride...


Los Angeles
AK: Because that’s where I grew up and where my book, “Half-Life” is set; it’s also creepy-cool and bizarre (in a good way, usually).

AK: Not really sure. Except that I’ve been obsessing over birds lately. A flock of pigeons live outside my office window. And an amazing bird shop called “Thirty Third and Bird” (because it’s near Thirty-Third Street and Third Avenue) is right next to my psychiatrist’s office. And I love to walk by afterward my appointments and see the birds. If only they didn’t poo or make any kind of mess. Then I would bring home a dozen.

Party Animals
AK: I am a total party animal. Sometimes I’m so busy going out all the time that I can’t even stop to answer email. (This is not true.)

Ak: Oh, because I detest the way religion is used by the American government and its people. I detest the way religion is used by other countries to inspire extremism, hate and even terrorism. Religion should stay in the home. I don’t even want to hear you talk about it. Religious people have caused enough trouble already.

AK: That’ what I’m going to be when I write 10 more books and each sells a million copies. I’ll be the gay J.K. Rowling? And then I’ll be able to afford a flock of birds for my apartment and pay someone to come and clean the bird shit up every night so I can pretend that they don’t shit at all. Then I’ll give the rest of the money away to people fighting religious extremism of any kind.

AK: I’d be telling a lie if I said I didn’t like them. Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves? (If you raised your hand…you’re a liar, or a religious extremist. And you lose!)

AK: Love this word. Senses are the most important. Touching and smelling, tasting and feeling, seeing and… well, the rest is a hard-on and then a messy divorce. Or happily-ever-after (depending on who is writing the story).


AK: Aren’t you supposed to never say “never”? Well, I try. Just say yes and it’s amazing how many cool people, places and things will come into your live. And never say “never” to an adventure. It’s all about adventure.

AK: The opposite of never. Every, always, forever: these are all things I like. Collecting. I want to taste every kind of mushroom on the planet. I want to meet every cool person in Pakistan. I want to try wearing everything cashmere from my shoes to baseball cap. I want to have every one think this interview is, at least, interesting.

AK: The root word is key. Wonder. I love to wonder, be ponderous, and think! But I also want to inspire wonder. In my art or in my books, photographs, etc. Wonder. Everyone should wonder.

AK: So much better than “mine”. The word “mine” is too selfish. Yours sound benevolent. Giving. Great. Gorgeous. It’s all yours. Take it. Run with it. You get the point.

AK: Next best thing to “yours” is “ours” because that means we get to share it. Now of course this isn’t very good when it involves sharing a flight delay of three hours sitting on a runway. But it is amazing when it means sharing a long walk on the beach and then a campfire and sex under the stars.

AK: Always be prepared, the boy scouts say. Well, fuck the boy scouts. They’re a bunch of homophobes. So I just say: Be Ready. Always. Ready for “wonder”, for “yours” and for finding a rare bird in Los Angeles.

AK: That’s how you pronounce my last name. It’s not “crotch” or “cratch”. Just “krok”, like a crock of shit. Or a crock pot. But spelled Krach.


So, are you saying all religion is bad? or is religion extremism bad? Or are you saying that people who use their religion to push their views onto you are bad? Which would lead to the point of people who are again religion or "anti-religion extremists" , pushing their views against a society to turn away from religion. I dont know why those people dont get as much attention.

Sadly I do hate the extremists who make the rest of us trying to live our simple "religious" lives according to what we believe which has nothing to do with pushing it in others faces.

yes, I'm definitely saying (or at least was trying to say) that religious extremism of any kind is a problem, counter-productive to a peaceful co-existance, and quite simply annoying!

You're on the right track
Keep the faith; it's inside.
I'd like to read your book.
Since you live a few blocks
from my studio, let's get
All the best,

Oh crap, I've been pronouncing his name wrong since I met him in New Orleans. Praise be to Jesus, I've been shown the true light.

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