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Gabriel Garko from Turin is 30 years old. You can't really tell from those pictures but he has incredible deep green eyes. He was mostly acting in Italian tv series and has done a couple of movies, "Callas Forever" in 2002. He has also done the calendar thing in 2002 for Max magazine ... Not that I am complaining ! If you are interested by it you can see the photos here. The only problem with calendars, is that they only have 12 photos ;-) Actually now they put more than the "legal 12". They did it for the last calendar of Dieux Du Stade.


He's quite stunning; I am headed to his site.
I love your blog. Monday or Tuesday I will write you up in mine.

PS, pls more Rio info!


u can find some of his pics in which he's totally naked from a film of Tinto Brass...sorry, but I don't remember the title...

I happened to stumble upon your site and was pleased to see these wonderful photos of the stunning Gabriel Garko.

I am honoured to count myself as a personal friend of Gabriel's and he is not only beautiful inside and out, but he is a highly intelligent, funny, warm and loyal friend.

Viva Garko!


Hey guys,
First off, really glad I found Steph & Alek...what a tres cool cool site fucking ROCKS!
Found you guys while Googling Gabriel Garko as he was awesome in Callas Forever...Franco Zeferilli did a number on recreating La Divina...Garko plays Don Juan in the movie Carmen which was never made...this movie is a fantasy, I think about Franco himself since he directed Callas in many productions, etc. Garko plays a young tenor who plays the part of Don Juan...sheez guys...this man is unbelievably beautiful, you'll wet and melt your panties.
Go rent this movie, His Secret Life, Il Morso del Serpente, Senso 45, Le Fate Ignoranti and Angelo O Nero.
His webSite's on Tina, surely could do with less bells and whistles...jeez...but worth a look.
Thank you STEPH and have opened a new world for me.

u are great gabriel!
and i am sure one nice day i must meet u:P
i am from georgia:) not usa!! :P

littel mariami

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