Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Josh Saunders by Hudson Wright

Photo courtesy of Hudson Wright

This is the first of a series dedicated to Josh Saunders by Hudson Wright ! The first time I saw Josh, it was for the "gay best seller" Abercrombie & Fitch issue. Josh and Hudson have been all around the globe together for an incredible photo album.


Beach shots are great to look at, especially in the winter. Add Josh (and Brett and/or any other equally buff good-looking naked young men) on the beach, and the series will be a great Christmas present. Thank you, Steph and Alek, and Hudson Wright. You all are the coolest!

O.K., I know I'm going overboard with all these posts. I'm normally not obsessive ... much, but I've finally come across the series of photographs that I would take, if I had any talent. A little weenie here and there would be nice, but otherwise, the photographs are perfect in every way. Gee, I am getting carried away. I'd be glad to purchase a photography book by Hudson Wright, ALMOST no matter the cost, and if there ever was a companion DVD, I'd buy more than one, just to show my appreciation. Happy Holidays to all who have read my many long "Hudson Wright" posts! And, Joyeux Noel to Steph and Alek.

he is amazing!!!!!

I always admired him in my gym, wondering he must be somebody, until I saw his picture in your site. He is very handsome and great legs. Now I know he is Josh Saunders.

Josh Saunders is the best model in the entire world

the bod's willing (actually the ass is amazing) but the face is weak...

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